…and your motor running

The vehicle landscape has changed markedly over the last two decades as consumers become ever so conscience of the environment, global warming, and energy efficient transport.
This has led to consumers being more mindful of their mode of transport and their choice of more efficient vehicles.
Davies Craig says that through enterprise and innovation it has been designing and manufacturing automotive cooling components since 1971 – starting with the Thermatic Electric Cooling Fan that it says began the ‘electric revolution’ of an engine’s cooling system.
An automotive electric fan offers a more efficient, energy-saving alternative over either a fan clutch or belt-drive mechanical fan.
Considered a step-up, Thermatic Fans are lighter, release parasitic power from the vehicle’s engine, expend spinning a fan clutch and/or a belt-driven mechanical fan.
Automotive electric Thermatic Fans operate totally independently and can be activated by an adjustable Thermatic Fan Switch to engage at an engine’s thermostat targeted/set temperature opening for maximum cooling efficiency.
Thermatic Electric Fans can provide a variety of benefits as either a primary or secondary engine cooling source.
Following in Davies Craig’s ‘first to market’ tradition, it says its Electric Water Pump (EWP) was released with universal acclaim in 1999.
Replacing the engine-driven water pump and installed in the bottom radiator hose, the Electric Water Pump offered more usable power for performance vehicles and an economic advantage for the everyday motorist.
At the same time, Davies Craig launched the ‘Smart Controller,’ taking the place of the conventional engine thermostat, which has a worldwide patent.
Twenty years on, Davies Craig says it continued to develop higher flowing, remote-mounted Electric Water Pumps from 80 litres/minute to 150 litres/minute.

Further strides were made with the ‘Smart Controller’ going digital and managing both the electric fan and EWP, constantly sensing coolant temperature, managing coolant flow commensurate to operating conditions and engaging the electric fan once the set/targeted temperature has been reached.
Along with these innovative engine cooling products, Davies Craig launched an exclusive range of Electric Booster Pumps (EBP).
Initially targeted to enhance heater systems and to forestall LPG converter icing on start-up, the Electric Booster Pumps have found niche markets in older thermosyphoning engines, go-karts, performance and road motorbikes, taking the place of the engine’s mechanical pump and more recently complementing a good number of turbo and supercharger intercooler applications.
Other vital accessories to ensure engine cooling can be managed efficiently have been the implementation of digital Thermatic gauges and switches.
Davies Craig says the conventional mechanical switch continues to be a very popular choice, but continual improvement has never been more evident with the availability of highly accurate, comprehensive coolant temperature monitoring systems.
It says the LCD EWP/Fan Controller steps up to manage both an Electric Water Pump and Electric Fan in a highly accurate manner, giving peace of mind to the operator.
A range of Digital Thermatic Switches with LED displays are also now available to monitor coolant temperatures and ensure your engine operates at the temperature that you wish for it to perform.

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