Perfect for your workshops’ reception, work areas, bathrooms and lunchrooms

Proud Products, the makers of the famous Euca Eucalyptus Laundry cleaning products which are so effective at helping keep your workshop uniforms clean, now has its own Euca Hand Sanitiser lotion.
It is available in a convenient 500ml pump pack, 10lt refill and other larger bulk sizes as needed.
With the current world focus and discussion about some pretty nasty viruses that are being transmitted by humans, usually by airborne means, it’s often not understood that the cross contamination by the general use of one’s hands is actually the number one key source of any contagion outbreak, like the common cold and stomach upsets.
Whether it be when we are at work, or in our normal daily home lives, our hands are the most important tools we have. We use them everyday for everything, touching all sorts of surfaces and soils each day without so much as a thought as to bacteria or germs which may have been just transmitted back onto our skin.
Beware the friendly hand shake as well, as when it is often followed by a nervous hand around the face gesture this has now transmitted anything unwanted from one person to the next.
Everyone should be engrained with keeping their hands clean and not touching their face or others after touching any possibly soiled surfaces. This action will limit the risk of any spread of bacteria plus regular washing of hands is also imperative.
But there are times when you don’t have access to running water or soap, so that’s where Euca’s Hand Sanitiser lotion is a very convenient and helpful way to be confident your hands are safe.
The main content of any good sanitiser is alcohol to eliminate germs. Euca’s product has 70 percent Alcohol w/w, which means it is well above normal standard strength and Euca says that’s why it is a premium concentrate.
Euca says it has also added skin conditioners and moisturisers to also leave your hands in good condition each time you use it, so your hands don’t become dried out and uncomfortable like can happen when using other sanitisers.
The 500ml pump pack can be placed at all communal areas like reception counters, workstations, outside toilets, in kitchenettes and any area where running water is not easily accessible; making it easy for everyone to access a convenient way to cleanse their hands.

For more information about stockists and where to buy Euca Hand Sanitiser, visit or call 1300 722 172