The HSP Tail Lock allows you to sync your tailgate with your existing vehicle remote

The product works by engaging and disengaging your existing handle when your vehicle locks and unlocks.
Giving you the peace of mind of knowing that when your car is locked, so is your tailgate, HSP says its Tail Lock product is the perfect addition to any Ute, with or without an existing barrel lock.
Tail Lock by HSP fully integrates with your existing factory key and runs in sync with your vehicle’s pre-programmed key functionality. This also includes working with proximity sensor door handles and automatic timed lock functions.
Recently HSP Ute Lids has also announced it has teamed up with German automotive part supplier Hella to introduce a new actuator across all models. It says this is a crucial update which now gives the unit optimum performance and reliability.

No drill installation and Plug and Play wiring
The unit mounts into factory points so there is no drilling involved and HSP says it is proud to say this is the only system in Australia with a guaranteed no drill fitment across the whole range.
With Plug and Play wiring, HSP says it is also the first in the industry to offer not only a non-drill system for the whole range but also plug and play wiring; dramatically reducing the fitment time and fitment errors arising from the wiring. 

HSP says its Tail lock tailgate central locking is one of the best ways to keep your tools safe.
It says that most canopies simply ‘lip’ over the tailgate, meaning that if your tailgate is unlocked it would be very easy for someone to force your tailgate open. HSP explains this would both damage the canopy as well as give full access to your vehicle tub.
Adding the Tail Lock unit to your tailgate ensures that even if there was a break into your vehicle’s canopy, it would be very hard to remove items with the tailgate up, says HSP.
Same day dispatch
The HSP Tail Assist can be shipped to your door within 48 hours of the purchase date and has a flat rate of shipment around Australia.

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