By keeping it clean

Exhaust Clean Australia says it offers the ultimate emissions cleaning solutions for DPF, SCR, EGR, intake manifolds, intercoolers and EGR coolers.
It says it uses state-of-the-art and industry-leading machines to clean Diesel Particulate Filters and the like back to near new condition with all carcinogenic particulate matter contained inside the machine trapped in purpose-built filters which can then be disposed of safely without a threat to the environment.
Regular cleaning of DPFs helps extend the life of the filter, removing all soot and ash up to 10 microns from the porous membrane of each cell which helps engines perform at optimal efficiency and peak power.
Over time, ash builds up in the bottom of each cell after the vehicle performs a regeneration to remove the soot loading, eventually resulting in exhaust gas flow restriction.
This restriction increases exhaust backpressure which in time reduces engine efficiency requiring more fuel and more boost from the turbo to perform at the same level.
The ash loading in each cell is not removed by a regeneration whether it’s done whilst driving or forced using a scan tool, says Exhaust Clean Australia.
It says a forced regeneration should never be the solution to a blocked or restricted DPF, as so many other external factors can cause DPFs to become blocked such as split intercooler hoses, faulty sensors, EGR valve failures/restrictions, worn injectors and incorrect grade of oil to name a few.
While these are all contributing factors, Exhaust Clean Australia says one of the biggest contributors to a DPF issue can be driving style.
It explains that consistent short trips over a long period of time will cause the DPF to become restricted in flow as this style of driving does not allow the ECU to perform a regen due to a lot of factors not being met.
Further, the engine not being up to operating temperature and short timeframes of not driving at a consistent higher rpm will inhibit the system performing a regen to remove the soot loading from the filter.
Exhaust Clean Australia says that fuel economy, performance and throttle response are notably improved when keeping these emissions systems clean and in a good operating manner. Turbo chargers are also put under a lot less stress with a free flowing and restriction free DPF.
It says the cost of DPF cleaning versus DPF replacement is miniscule in comparison and will be recouped in lower operating costs plus reductions in wear and tear on some critical components as well.
Exhaust Clean Australia services the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas to the New South Wales border with free DPF pick-up and delivery. It also will accept DPFs from all over Australia to receive a new lease of life, no matter your location.

For more information, visit or call 073382 7199.