Accurately measure state of charge on a new battery or after battery reconnection

With state of charge, time remaining and current flow at their fingertips, REDARC says your customers can concentrate on the adventure ahead.
Further, at “up to five times more accurate than the leading competitors,” REDARC says that with its Smart Battery Monitor, your customers can trust that ‘Two Hours Left’ means ‘Two Hours Left.’
When the REDARC Smart Battery Monitor is connected to a battery, whether it is a new install, battery replacement, or has simply been disconnected for another reason, it will need to learn about the battery it is connected to in order to show an accurate State of Charge (SoC).
To do this, the Smart Battery Monitor needs to be configured using the RedVision Configurator App.
The App defines the behaviours and operation of the Smart Battery Monitor and informs the Smart Battery Monitor of the auxiliary battery specifications.
The battery needs to fully charge using a BCDC, Battery Management System or other 240V charger.
This process allows the Smart Battery Monitor to understand that the battery has a full state of charge to use as a reference point for calculations on time till full or flat.
It is also integral in ensuring it displays state of charge correctly. During this process the battery will show as empty and 0 percent SoC will be displayed on the RedVision user app.
Even a brand-new battery, fresh off the shelf or out of the box, may not be fully charged. The length of time before the battery is full, will depend on the type and size of the battery, its state of charge when charging commences, and the size of the battery charger used to charge the battery.
The State of Charge will automatically display as 100 percent when the Smart Battery Monitor is satisfied that the battery is full; this is determined by voltage and current settings.
Once the battery is configured correctly through the user-friendly RedVision configuration app, REDARC says installation is as quick as it is easy.
With only three connection points you can start monitoring within minutes. A simple addition to any 12-volt power system, REDARC says the Smart Battery Monitor is the easy choice for keeping track of secondary batteries.

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