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When the asphalt comes to an end; and the rugged outback is just too tempting, Koni says its 4WD shock absorbers are the ideal all-terrain option.
Toperformance says Koni sets off road standards with its unique blend of innovation, high performance technology and superior 4WD expertise. When it comes to discovering undulating gravel roads, outback tracks and mountain trails Koni has reportedly created an all-terrain damper without compromise.
Koni Heavy Track and Raid four-wheel drive shock absorbers ranges are designed to improve vehicle damping characteristics both on and off road for SUV, 4WD and light truck applications. The Koni Heavy Track and Raid have been developed through years of off-road testing and torture from the deserts of the Dakar Rally to the Australian outback.
The gruelling Dakar Rally ran through Saudi Arabia in early January this year. Hundreds of competitors from around the world tested their (and their vehicles’) endurance across many categories.
In the Classic category, Koni was represented by a variety of teams, including the “Two Headed Monster” truck of DAF de Roy and a Lada Niva by 191 Classic Rally.
Both of these vehicles had been raced in the Dakar decades before they aged their way into the Classic category. If any event is going to test a Koni to the extreme it would be the Dakar Rally, yet Koni says it has proved its quality and stamina time and time again.
Moon Tours runs adventure-based 4×4 trips to the most remote and iconic corners of the Australian continent. Trent Moon, son of legendary travel explorers Ron and Viv Moon, says “growing up as a kid and over 20 years ago when I started in the 4WD industry, Koni shocks were the bees’ knees, and they still are today.
“They are a shock absorber that is underrated and under marketed these days with all the fancy remote res and adjustable options out there now. But it you find a Koni owner you will find they’ll be a Koni owner for life,” Trent said.
“They are that good, and without all the extra gadgetry and complication, which for 99 percent of us, yours truly included, isn’t necessary and does not mean they ride better for all the fanfare.”
Made in the Netherlands, Toperformance has been the importer into Australia since 1970 with the ability to test, rebuild and customise shocks for every industry.​​​​​​​

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