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Koni products are not only found in many segments of the automotive industry – from cars to 4WDs, racing, truck and bus – but also in other industries such as rail, military and even construction.
Koni says these diverse applications have given it the knowledge and experience to create some of the most durable and long-lasting dampers ever produced.  
Of these dampers, it says the Koni 90 series is a standout.
The 90 series is listed in the Koni 4WD range as the ‘Raid’ and Koni says it has become the “go to” damper for the serious off-roader.
A 2.5 mm thick, 70mm diameter twin tube body with a large 42mm piston and high oil capacity ensures that not only the piston cylinder is protected from damage, but the damper also dissipates heat effectively.
Coupled with Koni’s unique valving design, Koni says the Raid offers the best possible ride, no matter the conditions.
It explains that having been developed through years of off-road testing in the Australian outback and the deserts of Africa, the Koni 90 series Raid “offers fastidious drivers ‘no compromise’ peace of mind.”
The 90 series is also a standout for heavy vehicles, with Koni stating that in the transport industry, 90 series dampers on trucks have seen service intervals over 1,000,000 kilometres.
Many Koni dampers have an adjustable rebound feature and replacement rubbers are available, further increasing the longevity of the damper.
When considering the costs of downtime and replacement, Koni says the 90 series damper really is the best value per kilometre damper and states that transport industry leaders such as Kenworth, Meritor, Krueger, Dana and Hendrickson choose Koni as original equipment.
For those driving a classic, Koni also has a great range of dampers.
For classic vehicles, Koni says it selects the most appropriate damper technology and develops every shock absorber specifically for each application to bring out the best possible ride and handling.
Koni ‘Reds’ (the off-car adjustable Special/Classic) and ‘Yellows’ (the externally adjustable Sport) reportedly continue to be the industry standard for older performance cars.
In many cases, Koni says it can offer both Special (Classic) and Sport options for early Holdens and Fords as well as Valiants and many overseas models.
Toperformance Products is the Australian distributor for Koni Suspension products.

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