Toperformance says Koni sets the standard for performance shock absorbers

Manufacturing adjustable shock absorbers in the Netherlands since the 1940s, Koni’s quality manufacturing and market experience has led to a myriad of applications throughout the automotive industry.
Race programs such as Formula One have utilised Koni’s expertise and brands like Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari have all used Koni to enhance their specialised production vehicles.
Koni shock absorbers are available as an upgrade to suit vehicles right across the Australian market. From classics like 1970s Fords and Holdens through to late model European cars, plus many American muscle cars, Koni has a shock absorber to suit most models.
Toperformance says once a set of Koni shock absorbers is fitted to your vehicle, they will not only outperform other shock absorbers but last much, much longer.
It says it is not just the technology that goes into the construction of each Koni shock absorber that adds to the reliability and longevity, it is also the smart design.
All Koni twin tube shock absorbers are serviceable and most are re-bound adjustable. After long periods of service, the shock absorber can be removed, adjusted, and refitted rather than replaced.
Additionally, most Koni Sport are ‘on car’ externally adjustable. Toperformance says all of this coupled with replacement bushes means that Koni shock absorbers not only outperform the competition, but they also save time, money and waste.
Koni offers a comprehensive range of options individually designed to enhance your vehicle’s handling far beyond the original factory specification, including:
• Koni Special Active (with FSD Technology) improves the handling, comfort and safety. FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) controls large vehicle body motions and corner forces while also smoothing sharp bumps and rough roads for improved comfort.
• Koni Special and Classic are individually designed for earlier model and performance cars. These shock absorbers upgrade the existing suspension to give modern technology handling characteristics for unique and classic vehicles.
• Koni Sport gives legendary handling and control with external rebound damping adjustment. The ability to set the rebound of your dampers with the twist of a knob gives the operator a wide variety of choices. Whether you are a track day enthusiast or just like to have more control over your ride, Koni Sport gives you the option at your fingertips.
No matter your type of vehicle or your driving style, Toperformance says Koni offers outstanding performance, durability, adjustability and the ‘lowest cost per kilometre’ shock absorber on the market.

For more information, visit www.toperformance.com.au