Senator O’Neill played an important part in the opening events for AAAE

Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill played a proud role on the opening day of the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, speaking at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Innovation Awards Breakfast before just hours later cutting the ribbon to officially open AAAE.
At both functions, she outlined Labor’s support for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Industry and outlined Labor’s plans if elected.
“I believe in fairness in business just as much as I believe in fairness in the workplace. You have my word that I, along with my Labor colleagues, will always stand up for domestic businesses, for Australian apprentices, and for local manufacturers. You are vital to our nation’s capacity and shared future,” Senator O’Neill said at the breakfast.
“This is a big market, it makes money, but it also gives joy, and it builds communities of enthusiasts and innovators. I know it is your world, and the government has a part to play in making that world sustainable and improving it.
“One in four Australian businesses are now experiencing critical skills shortages, yet we know there are still millions of Australians who are looking for work or for more work. Labor hears you. We need to fix this crisis and that is why Labor will invest $621 million over the next four years to create 465,000 fee-free TAFE places.
“It is not just young Australians looking for work that will benefit from our policy, it will be all of your businesses that will benefit. We know that hiring the right person is tough, but Labor’s plans will mean there are more and more skilled graduates and apprentices coming through so there will be a greater pool of labour to pick from.

“Nine out of 10 jobs in the future will require a VET qualification or a university degree. Labor’s policy will help future proof our country by investing now into our own people because we believe Australians are up for that task and will seize the opportunity.
“Labor will also revitalise the manufacturing sector. We cannot be a nation of only finance, agriculture and mining. We have the talents, we have the resources, and we have the right kind of attitude to rebuild manufacturing in Australia and Labor has the policies to do just that.
“Labor will support domestic manufacturing and a future made in Australia. An Albanese-led Government will supply up to 15 billion dollars in capital to invest in job creation projects. That is real, tangible support to kick start manufacturing in Australia once again.
“Labor will deliver stability in the energy portfolio and help industry unlock the possibilities of a net zero future. And it is with that certainty that your businesses and this sector can plan and thrive. We need to work alongside industries like yours as we transition our economy and transport infrastructure to hit that net zero target by 2050.
“Labor will get this country moving again. We want to deliver more jobs; we want to train more apprentices. Labor will back you.
“I thank you for your endeavours as business owners and workers in those businesses who deliver such joy into the Australian community and also deliver fantastic jobs and the successes that flow from business into the community.”

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