As it celebrates this new release, Hella explains how top-quality beats low-priced auxiliary lighting

When it comes to auxiliary lighting, Hella says one factor that remains true today is that if you buy a quality product, you get a quality outcome.
Hella says that with an inferior product that does not incorporate surge protection and high-quality electronics, the light unit can fail when powered up and then require replacement.
It is a similar story with the optical ability of the lens. A top-quality light projects its visibility to recording instruments across all required angles, whereas with the inferior optics of some brands the performance is noticeably lacklustre by comparison.
Hella explains that having to replace the low-priced brand more frequently because of failure also reduces the original cost advantage.
Hella says it has been the guiding light in the design and manufacture of driving lamps for decades.
Although stores today stock all types of lighting systems that make all levels of claims for their performance, Hella says it is only its brand that is recognised for its high-quality products that feature in the world’s prestige and high-performance vehicles as standard equipment.
On that basis, Hella says that when you buy one of its lights on the aftermarket, it is backed by a stand-alone reputation that is not subject to short cuts in specification and manufacturing.
New for 2020, the latest version of the HELLA Rallye 4000 is now available as an LED driving lamp, offering either pencil beam focus for longer range illumination or a broader spread beam.
With the ability to make a change in beam pattern or replace a unit, a replaceable insert can be swapped over to the original housing, saving on installation and the cost of purchasing a complete housing and mounting system.
Weighing in at 2.7kg each, it is a multi-voltage light suitable for 12-Volt and 24-Volt application, well within its range of 9-Volt to 32-Volt.
It is a clear white (5900K) light in a casing that is water and vibration resistant and also incorporates over-voltage protection.
The Rallye 4000 LED spread beam comes in with a light pattern of over 800 metres at 1-Lux performance or you can switch to a pencil beam insert and the range is over 1.3km at 1-Lux.

For more information or to find the nearest stockist, contact Hella Australia’s customer service team on 1800 061 729 or email