NAPA Auto Parts says it is leading the way with CRC

GPC Asia Pacific and NAPA Auto Parts have been a long-time partner with CRC Industries and are thrilled to be supporting its line of specialised premium maintenance products, aimed at motorsport enthusiasts.
The new CRC Race Series is a line of high-performance degreasers, lubricants, and protectants, designed to keep vehicles operating at the highest level.
Housed in a limited edition super-sized can, these CRC products include maintenance staples Brakleen, Aeroclean, Black Zinc, 808 Silicone and 5-56 Multipurpose.
With the exception of Black Zinc, the CRC Race Series utilises a full finger nozzle which is a larger valve. This is of particular benefit to heavy users as it enhances product usability and comfort. The super-sized cans also contain more CRC product to assist with the big jobs.
Officially licensed by the Supercars Championship, the CRC Race Series has a premium new design. While maintaining elements from the existing CRC product design, the new look is complemented with pictograms for product use along with a sleek, racing finish. It also sports the Supercars Championship logo.
Both NAPA Auto Parts and CRC are synonymous with motorsport, with both brands providing market leading maintenance and repair products to the automotive industry for over 50 years.
Traditionally NAPA Auto Parts has been supplying Australia’s largest mine sites and industrial fleets with CRC products to keep their vehicles in safe working order. More trade workshops are relying on NAPA Auto Parts to provide them with CRC products to coincide with the wider range of parts available.
Brakleen and Aeroclean are fast acting products to clean brakes and equipment, respectively. Black Zinc has superior rust inhibiting properties with a tough enamel coating. 808 Silicone is a non-corrosive multi-purpose silicone spray to lubricate, protect and eliminate squeaking and binding caused by friction. 5-56 Multipurpose is the CRC hero product that lubricates, penetrates, disperses water and prevents rust.
The full range of CRC products – including the Race Series – is currently available from NAPA Auto Parts. The team also has access to a handy application guide to ensure you can find the right CRC product for your current project.

For more information, see the team at your local NAPA Auto Parts branch or visit www.napaparts.com.au