Auto Electrical Imports says it is leading the way with its safer, innovative lighting solutions

Auto Electrical Imports (AEI) says it is constantly looking for ways to improve the safety of people and equipment.
AEI has recently launched the second generation of its IONNIC LED Beacons, with “exceptional” safety features offering peace of mind for all on-road vehicles.
The GEN 2 IONNIC 103 and 106 LED Beacon range builds upon the success of the original IONNIC Beacons. With an all-new hybrid lens design and a more thermally efficient base, AEI says the new GEN 2 103 and 106 series beacons provide improved performance along with industry proven reliability.
The GEN 2 IONNIC LED Beacon range includes new optics that reportedly offer brighter and more consistent output, providing better visibility in any type of environment. They bring hybrid TIR and Linear design together for “superior” light output while the polycarbonate outer lens offers high durability and impact resistance.
The increased surface area of the new GEN 2 LED Beacon base provides improved heat dissipation that allows for increased light output while the new more thermally efficient design delivers better cooling and a brighter, safer beacon.
The IONNIC 103 LED Beacon lights have a SAE class one rated output with 12 user selectable flash patterns, which can be set specifically to suit application or site requirements. They are offered in single and dual colour variants as well as permanent or magnetic mount types.
The lights are designed and built to withstand the toughest of environments with a vibration resistance rated to SAE J575 and a polycarbonate lens for high durability. They are low profile at only 64mm tall, reducing the risk of damage from external potential hazards.
The IONNIC 106 LED Beacon includes all the same features and specification of the 103 series while being offered in a taller 117mm profile ideal for applications in which a higher profile beacon is required.
AEI says it has been a specialist in supplying the safest and most innovative products for the automotive, construction and mining industries for more than 30 years.
“At Auto Electrical Imports we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best safety lighting solutions for the automotive industry,” AEI Managing Director, Norman Haupt, said.
“We know that to be successful in the automotive industry, it is most important to evolve and respond to change, and we are proud to have a proven history in designing and building innovative systems to meet all of our customers’ needs.”

For more information, visit www.ionnic.com