Safety and front impact protection are excellent reasons to add an aftermarket bull bar to your vehicle

However, with recent updates to the light vehicle FPS (frontal protection system) and the proposed updates to the VSG-15/20 (Vehicle Standards Guides) codes H6 and H7 for heavy vehicles, fitting a bull bar could obscure the original equipment manufacturer’s lighting and impede on the vehicle’s critical safety systems.
Unfortunately, owners and fitters may be unaware of the proposed updates and in turn could be susceptible to vehicle downtime with possible infringements for non-compliance with the ADR (Australian Design Rules) standards.
Following on the progress of these updates, LED Autolamps’ Research and Development team says it has proactively designed a new product that will give customers a low beam “Fill in or Top up” lighting option.
LED Autolamps explains that this lamp can be mounted directly onto most vehicle aftermarket bull bars and assist in avoiding the inconvenience of being caught unaware or worse, receiving a dreaded defect notice.

Introducing the HL250 Road approved low beam lightbar
LED Autolamps says the new LED Autolamps HL250 low beam lightbar is an innovative design that uses smart manufacturing and with LED Autolamps renowned conformity of production practices, delivers a product that will not only have you looking good but also Road legal. It is perfect for trucks, 4x4s, RVs or motorhomes or any vehicle that may fit an aftermarket bull bar.
LED Autolamps says that when you look at the HL250, the first detail you notice is its striking inner lens design that appears to leap out at you.
Then comes the solid but surprisingly lightweight construction and compact size of 250mm x 62mm x 79mm, and lastly the low profile sleek modern appeal.
Lighting your way with confidence, the new HL250 low beam lightbar offers eight high powered LEDs that output an impactful 1000 effective lumens with an impressive one lux @100 Metres. By rendering colour and detail as close to daylight as possible, it has a colour temperature of 5700K natural white.
Specially designed inner lens reflectors also ensure the light will comply with stringent ECE R112 Class B for dipped beam function approvals. They come standard in a wide voltage range of 11-32V which suits multiple vehicle applications.
The HL250 runs at a very low current draw of only 1.3 Amps @ 13.8 Volts or 0.6 Amps @24 Volts. LED Autolamps explains that a low current draw is an essential consideration for energy efficiency and drains on battery-powered requirements.
You expect a product that is built tough and delivers on strength and durability and LED Autolamps says you don’t need to worry that the HL250 is up to the task.
Engineered to withstand the rigors of Australia’s roads, these lamps are manufactured using a heavy-duty polycarbonate for the housing and outer lens, thus making them extremely durable and impact resistant.
LED Autolamps says the simple bracket design is a standout feature to this lamp, allowing for a swivel and tilt adjustment with incremental four-way adjustment control of light output direction while providing multiple mounting points; making it easily adaptable to many different aftermarket bull bars.

A super sturdy 2.5mm steel bracket holds the lamp and is secured with stainless bolts and fittings which ensures vibration resistance. Tested to IP67 water and dust ingress protection, it has an operating temperature range of -30° C to +50° C, which LED Autolamps says will assure you of trouble-free, long service life.
“We are driven to push the boundaries of design and manufacture, endeavouring to release at least two new products per month,” LED Autolamps General Manager, Michael Ottobre, said.
“The HL250 low beam lightbars are a testament to that commitment. We endeavoured to give our customers a product that will not only solve the issue of non-compliance but also keep others, themselves and their vehicles safe and on the road”.
LED Autolamps also offers a full range of forward-facing lighting which is approved for Australian Road use and includes Daytime Running Lamps, Front Outline Markers, Front Indicators, 5×7”, 5 ¾” and 7” Replacement or Upgrade Headlamp Inserts and 90mm Projector Headlamps.
LED Autolamps also offers a range of Off-Road LED globe inserts as well as high-powered TIR driving lamps and accessories.
The new LED Autolamps HL250 is supplied in a retail coloured display box and with a five-year warranty, LED Autolamps says you will not be disappointed.

Shining bright with the 82 Series Rear Combination Lamps
LED Autolamps is also excited to release its latest 82 Series range of low-profile, rear function lamps. Packed with features including no visible screws, high-quality 3M tape and the flexibility of single-lamp or surface-mounted bracket combinations; LED Autolamps says they are adaptable to multiple ranges of vehicle and trailer applications.
Firstly, as single rear function lamps with Stop/Tail, Indicator or Reverse functions; the coloured and clear lens versions are both available in either a 12 Volt Only or Multi-Volt version.
Each single 82 Series lamp has a compact overall size of only 80mm round, a super low profile of only 18mm and uses high-quality 3M tape with only one hole required for fitting. The lamp is available in a single retail blister pack or separate bulk poly bags.
Secondly, as a triple surface-mounted combination lamp with Stop/Tail and Indicator, or Stop/Tail, Indicator and Reverse functions, both configurations are available in either a 12 Volt Only or Multi-Volt version.
The lamps are housed in modern-designed brackets that utilise the single-lens 3M tape for a surface mount with no visible screws and overall size of 281mm x 101mm x 30mm. Each configuration comes with the option of a black bracket with coloured lens lamps or a smoked-chrome bracket with matching clear lens lamps, all of which are available in a blister pack or bulk.
Finally, the 82 series comes in a four-bank surface mounting bracket measuring 372mm x 101mm x 30mm. Like the triple, they come in black, which has the coloured lens lamps or a smoked chrome that use the clear lens lamps. Stop/tail/indicator and reverse combination are both available in either a 12 Volt Only or Multi-Volt version and are purchasable in a single retail blister hang pack or bulk.
Are you strapped for choice? Don’t worry, says LED Autolamps, which states that it offers the entire 82 Series range in separate bulk units, including the brackets, and with over 30-part numbers available, your choice for custom lamp combinations is endless.
Each lens of the 82 Series features a UV, impact-resistant hardened acrylic lens with ABS base and bracket. Environmentally tested to IP67 water and dust ingress protection, including vibration resistance, LED Autolamps says the Series will give you the confidence to travel anywhere on Australia’s rugged roads. It says it is perfect for Caravans or RVs that require a surface mounted design, as well as Tray/4×4, Truck and Trailer, Bus or Motorhome applications.

Designed with enhanced diamond lens optics and matched to high powered SMD LEDs, they deliver super bright light with optimal performance. The lamps exceed all required Australian road standards and offer an exceptionally low current draw leaving little strain on your vehicle’s electrical battery systems.
Delivering on all expectations, LED Autolamps says the 82 Series gives you modern design, super-bright output and multiple lens and mounting configurations while being supported by a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.
The 82 Series is available to order from LED Autolamps now.

About LED Autolamps 
LED Autolamps says it is the original Australian, family-owned company that devotes all of its efforts into LED Automotive products with new designs and manufacturing covering truck, trailer, caravan, 4X4, mining, emergency and marine applications.
The entire operation in Australia, United Kingdom and Taiwan is ISO 9001:2015 approved and accredited. It says its dedicated team consists of driven, dynamic achievers situated at the Head Office in Bundoora Victoria as well as at offices in Birmingham, England which service the European market. 
“Our innovative designs, quality manufacturing, and excellent value are what help us to lead the way in solid-state lighting,” Michael said.

For further information, visit www.ledautolamps.com for your local distributor or call LED Autolamps on 03 9466 7075.