For high-volume shops

Hofmann has introduced two lever-less tyre changers, the monty 8800 and monty 8700, designed for high-volume shops.
“The new monty 8800 and 8700 tyre changers are simple to use and minimise the risk of tyre damage whether working on a standard, UHP or run flat tyre,” Hofmann National Equipment Manager, James Morris, said.
“These all-in-one tyre changers are incredibly versatile and will reduce technician fatigue and rim damage, making a positive impact on a shop’s tyre changing business.”
The Hofmann monty 8700 tyre changer is geared for high volume shops.
The leverless tyre changer features an integrated wheel lift that helps reduce technician fatigue when handling heavy wheels and PROspeed, which continuously controls torque and speed to avoid bead damage, along with the highest rotation speed available on a commercial tyre changer, says Hofmann.
It says the monty 8700 has a dynamic bead breaker system, intuitive control panel and the powerMONT tool that provides more flexibility in wheel clamping and reduces the possibility of wheel damage.
The Hofmann monty 8800 tyre changer has all of the features of the 8700, plus an on-floor bead breaker, lower bead camera viewer and QuickLok technologies focused to improve the shop’s productivity. It also has a set of optional accessories, including a reverse mount wheel kit and light truck kit, allowing shops to service a wider range of wheels.

To learn more, head to www.hofmann-equipment.com.au/en-au