Suspension access made easy: STENHOJ Australia delivers in-ground hoist solutions

STENHOJ Australia says it is the international choice for high performance race drivers around the world and now brings the Masterlift 2.35 electro-hydraulic twin-ram lift to our shores.
The design offers easy and ergonomic access to car body, brakes, tyres and suspension. Platforms are flush mounted so that cars lower than 100mm street legal can be easily driven on to the hoist.
Manufactured in Germany, this in-ground hoist is custom engineered to suit the special needs of racing cars, delivering perfect performance “every time.”
With 3.5 tonne capacity, the unique superstructure with adjustable arms combines a platform hoist and full stroke wheel free lift in one, saving valuable working space for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.
STENHOJ Australia says the high-pressure cylinder system makes the system very fast and very quiet, raising and lowering in around 30 seconds.

When being raised, automatic floor-levelling plates follow the platform and fulfil the recess to ensure no trip hazards.
Platforms are illuminated with four integrated LED lights and equipped with adjustable support legs for wheel alignment capabilities. Better yet, says STENHOJ Australia, platforms can be used as a working table when changing tyres for optimum efficiency.

For more information or to arrange a product demonstration, contact STENHOJ Australia on 1300 665 625 or visit