With the Roadvision Stealth Series

Roadvision says it is delivering a premium quality range of LED Bar and Driving lights to the automotive aftermarket with its new Roadvision Stealth Series.
The Roadvision Stealth Series range of LED Bar and Driving Lights feature a sleek and modern appearance, with all products specifically designed to provide different combinations of lighting distance or intensity to suit specific vehicle requirements and applications.
Featuring premium quality Osram LED lights, each component in the Roadvision Stealth Series range has been manufactured to deliver high thermal management technology enhanced performance. All products in the range can also withstand the harshest operating conditions thanks to each model’s tough yet lightweight aluminium housing and polycarbonate lenses.
Roadvision says its Stealth Series of LED Bar and Driving Lights combine modern design technology with maximum performance and practicality.
Roadvision LED Driving Lights are available in seven-inch and nine-inch diameters, featuring a bezel-less halo design with black mounting hardware contributing to the range’s stealth appearance.
Further, the quality of the Roadvision Stealth Series Driving Lights range is supported by an “industry leading” seven-year warranty. 

Roadvision says its Stealth Series Light Bar range takes this impressive LED based form of extra automotive lighting to the next level with smoked look lenses and blacked out mounting to provide a low-profile stealth appearance.
A series of models with differing performance characteristics are available in this premium quality Light Bar range which is also supported by a seven-year warranty. 
For long range output, the Roadvision Stealth Slimline S40 is a super-compact single row Light Bar series designed with extended beam penetration and lower short-range intensity, making them perfect for highway driving. 
The Roadvision Stealth 52 Series is a compact single row Light Bar series designed with high intensity light output while still achieving mid to long range beam penetration. This makes them ideal for vehicles that travel on windier roads and bush tracks where maximum visibility and light intensity is required. 
The Roadvision S70 Series has been designed to provide the best of both worlds, maximum intensity and long-range beam penetration. This range is perfect for the serious off-road enthusiast, professional off-road racer or for the enthusiast who is seeking the very best of the best. 
Roadvision Stealth Series Light Bars are available in single and dual row formats from seven-inch to 52-inch in length. The S52 and S70 models include an adjustable mounting system that allows multiple height settings using rubber cam isolators. Designed with slots, each slot can be top, centre or bottom mounted to allow for precise positioning. 
Perfect for 4WD enthusiasts and rural utility vehicle owners, Roadvision says its new Stealth Series LED range represents the next step in modern and high tech and supremely effective aftermarket based automotive lighting. 
The Roadvision Stealth range is available from BaxtersMTQ, Autobarn, AutoPro, Opposite Lock and independent auto electrical workshops.

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