AEI is celebrating a 20-year global partnership

Auto Electrical Imports (AEI) says the release of its new Scorpius PRO 445 combines Aussie resilience with European ingenuity in a true global partnership.
Safe lighting solutions built tough to save time and money
The changing nature of the build process creates a challenge for contractors trying to provide adequate lighting.
The ability to access power, being able to safely evacuate in emergencies and night-time operation of heavy vehicles are just the beginning.
AEI and Nordic say they have worked to bring products to Australia which stand up to the effects of vibration, shock and dust without compromising the light needed to keep worksites safe.
“The products we bring to market from Nordic provide essential safety and uptime benefits,” AEI Managing Director, Norman Haupt, said.
Scorpius PRO 445
AEI says the Scorpius PRO 445 is a brand-new heavy-duty work lamp offering unparalleled performance in a compact body size.
“Going back to the drawing board Nordic has incorporated cutting-edge materials and components in the design and manufacture of the Scorpius Pro,” Norman said.
“In product development for over three years, engineers brought the Scorpius Pro 445’s weight down to only 1kg, so it is smaller, lighter and has a more compact design.
“It can be mounted with a single M10/pedestal bolt and premium quality Japanese manufactured NICIA LED chips deliver exceptional light output and improved colour rendering so objects are not only easier to see but also appear more realistic and natural.”
A lens with exceptional heat tolerance
“Nordic have used Grilamed, a new material in the manufacture of the Scorpius pro lens. Grilamed is a high-performance polyamide developed and manufactured in Switzerland,” Norman said.
“It is resilient to impact, fatigue and atmospheric conditions; and has high transparency and superior electromagnetic capability.
“The use of Grilamed has allowed us to produce a Work lamp range with not only exceptional physical performance but also exceptional light output and patterns.”
With high operational light output of 4400lm and low power consumption, AEI says the durable Scorpius PRO 445 can stand up to demanding environments.
The Scorpius Pro has a five-year warranty and IP68 and IP6K9K and SAE J1455 ratings. AEI says it has the expertise to help companies design and build customised lighting systems to include the work lamp.

Best LED Work Light in Trailer Magazine
In March 2020, an independent European test was conducted by Trailer Magazine with 13 different work lamp models on the market, with the Scorpius PRO 445 emerging victorious over the competition.
The jury concluded the Scorpius PRO 445 incorporated very efficient physical design allowing exceptional dissipation of heat.
This enabled the light to perform consistently with high levels of output for long working periods even in hot environments. 
“They said it was the best balance between size and light output and quality for anyone who wants a light that illuminates a broad area,” Norman said.
Norman believes design and a superior quality of components used in the Scorpius PRO 445 ranked it ahead of the competition, stating that Nordic has sourced the quality products from around the world to manufacture this next-generation work lamp.
A long standing partnership
Norman explains that AEI has been working with Nordic Lights for more than 20 years.
“From major roadworks to the transport of goods using heavy vehicles – while most of the country sleeps – huge infrastructure projects are delivered across the country,” Norman said.
“In today’s 24/7 economy, civil and construction works simply can’t allow for darkness 50 percent of the time.
“AEI and Nordic Lights create products that are built for industries where safety is paramount.
“AEI has worked with Nordic Lights to create an international partnership that has seen us first to market with innovative lighting systems and over the last 20 years AEI and Nordic have created, tested and proven safety lighting systems.
“Our products are often tried and tested at mine sites. They are developed for tough environments and crossover to withstand the demands of civil construction sites.”

Nordic Lights Business Director, Lena Smeds-Furu, said working with AEI had seen strength and growth in the market through teamwork and continuous effort.
“We could never have been successful without the work and contribution of great, loyal partners like IONNIC,” Lena said.
“We value the long-term partnership with IONNIC during the last 20 years and look forward to many more years of continued distribution and partnership.”
AEI provides specialist lighting, safety and electrical solutions for mobile plant and equipment in the automotive, mining, OEM, transport and construction industry worldwide.

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