With GearWrench’s three-piece locking Flex Handle Ratchet Set

Industry leading hand tool manufacturer, GearWrench, says it is proud to present its three piece locking Flex Handle Ratchet Set.
Including ¼, ⅜ and ½ inch drives, this ratchet set is designed for jobs where accessibility is limited and to aid in the prevention of rounding out fastener heads.
Ratchet Handle flexibility is engaged by the flush mounted on/off switch for customisable access angles in hard to reach areas.
The locking head feature provides the user with the option of using the ratchet in either nine fixed angle positions, or an almost unlimited flexible head position while unlocked.
GearWrench says this provides extreme versatility as the ratcheting function can be used for traditional straight fastening or for use on angles where space is limited.
Boasting 84 ratchet teeth for a smooth operation, the ratcheting arc is minimised to engage the next gear tooth sooner, increasing overall efficiency by requiring less movement of the wrench handle.
Paired with a low profile teardrop design, the compact ratchet head increases accessibility in all hard to reach areas.
The sealed ratchet head design maintains a smooth transmission of the internal gears to protect the ratchet from gear slip and tooth erosion over time.
Coupled with a fully polished chrome vanadium exterior, these ratchets have a smooth, well balanced feel that will last.
The GearWrench Locking Flex Handle Ratchet Set is also covered by lifetime warranty, for consumer confidence at every turn.
From the home handyman to a seasoned tradesman, GearWrench says its Three Piece Locking Flex Handle Ratchet Set provides a user friendly experience in all hard to reach areas.
The GearWrench Locking Flex Handle Ratchet Set has a RRP of $249.

For more information or to find your nearest retailer, please visit www.gearwrench.com.au