The radial revolution

In a time when several cars can be purchased new with more than 500 horsepower on tap, Rocket Industries explains the attention falls to suspension, brakes and tyres to keep these guided missiles on target.
Just over two decades ago, DOT-legal advocates got the first in a line of tyres bearing the ET Street name from Mickey Thompson. Since that debut, the ET Street line has added many more models and more than 40 different part numbers.
A few years ago Mickey Thompson performed a complete revamp of the ET Street line, changing both radial and bias-ply designs in an effort to stay on par with ever-growing horsepower figures, racing class demands and driving requirements. The revamp also added two new names to the ET Street line up, including the ET Street S/S.
The biggest visual difference on the ET Street S/S is the changes in the groove pattern. The new grooves make the tyre a little more street friendly in wet conditions.
Most customers with larger-diameter wheels do not have another set of rims and tyres for the track and that is what originally prompted the ET Street II, and is carried on with the new ET Street S/S.
The ET Street S/S tyre is available in eighteen different sizes, from the staple 15-inch diameter rim to the 20-inch diameter wheel of modern muscle cars.
The S/S model is a continuation of the first ET Street radial, and although it is a little different than a normal street radial, it reportedly is still true to its radial roots.
Features include the steel-belted tubeless design, as well as the proven R2 compound that brings excellent traction with a minimal burnout.
The ET Street S/S is targeted for a car with a 70 percent balance of street use compared to 30 percent track use.
Mickey Thompson also recognises there are cars geared more towards racing, but also driven occasionally on the street. Its ET Street R tyre is aimed at that market and available in bias-ply and radial versions.
The ET Street R line incorporates the technology used in the popular ET Street Radial Pro tyre. The ET Street Radial Pro is designed for certain racing classes and not really designed for street use while the ET Street R addresses that with more streetability.
The bias-ply ET Street R also features a stiffer sidewall over the original ET Street bias-ply tyre, and is recommended for manual transmission vehicles.

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