Fatiguing manual pumps no longer a problem

Macnaught says the clever use of patent pending technology, combined with innovative design and intuitive operation means that the BOP20 Battery Operated Pump for 20L drums not only solves the problem of fatiguing manual pumps, but also reduces the likelihood of spills while providing an expandable platform of oil handling efficiencies for businesses.
The BOP20 reportedly achieves this in two distinctively integrated ways.
Firstly, it employs powerful 18V Lithium Ion battery technology. Macnaught says using this technology gives the ability to provide on-demand power for the accurate delivery of specialised oils up to SAE90. Battery power is common in the modern automotive workshop and the BOP20’s Lithium Ion rechargeable battery is complemented with a desk charger to provide a full recharge in just one hour.
Secondly, it has a portable, self-priming pump which is capable of single handedly dispensing oils from 20 litre containers, on-demand.
Macnaught says the on-demand feature comes from an internal pressure switching mechanism which senses the fluid pressure when the control nozzle is closed, thereby interrupting the pumping process. Flow resumes when the control nozzle is opened due to the pressure drop in the delivery hose detected by the pressure switching mechanism.
Pumping oil from small containers in automotive workshops is a binding association individuals have with the trade and practice of using manual pumping equipment. Macnaught says the BOP20 addresses this inefficiency but rather than just simply creating a solution for that one aspect, it provides so much more in an innovation enhanced experience.

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