Interequip’s wheel servicing equipment is 100 percent Made in Italy

Interequip says it supplies 100 percent Made in Italy wheel servicing equipment, including tyre changers, wheel balancers and wheel aligners for cars and trucks.
Interequip says it is proud to bring Italian brands M&B Engineering and Vamag to the market, stating these two companies have been manufacturing for more than 50 years combined.
“These Italian-made products are made with love and passion with the highest of quality; and are dedicated to durable designs that last for many years of hard work well after the warranty period,” Interequip Sales Director, Alex Visser, said.
“This is something you will not see from cheaper machines made in Asia, thus saving workshop owners time, money, and energy on repairing equipment of inferior quality.”
The M&B Engineering tyre changer is approved for Run-Flat tyres for dealerships in Europe.

“The top model 6800P wheel balancer with LED, laser, 3D scan, and wheel lifter is making wheel balancing ever easier by taking out operator error,” Alex said.
“M&B also specialises in making a patented two in one quality mobile truck tyre changer and truck wheel balancer to install on vans or trucks for mobile wheel service.
“Again, the craftsmanship and quality of this machinery is making business operations more efficient and profitable.”
Vamag specialises in producing CCD and 3D wheel aligners for cars and trucks.
“With Vamag machinery, owners can enjoy precision of data accuracy and ease of work once the installation is done by a professional technician,” Alex said.
“Interequip also supplies BulletPro and Autoaline brand wheel service equipment for customers that want a decent quality without European cost.”

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