MAHA offers a range of in-ground lifting solutions

These solutions use space-saving technology and are optimal for working on vehicles of all types, while being robust and extremely durable and providing rapid lifting. The lifts are also supported by an extensive accessories programme to suit OEM installation.
Just one of these solutions is MAHA’s ZS Square Cylinder Lift.
The ZS Square Cylinder Lifts are said to be completely maintenance free, have no cables or pulleys to wear out, and have an expected lifespan of over 25 years.
The two-post inground lift has a swing arm support, wheel guides and a load capacity of 3500kg. The swing arm support has a continuously telescoping three-part support for a large and flexible support area.
The hoists have no posts to hit with car doors and while offering a large drive-through width with drive-over wheel guides also provide for a much smaller turning circle into the bay than a comparable above ground lift, saving valuable square metres in the workshop.
The square construction design is available only from MAHA and offers increased rigidity at height while boasting hydraulic protection from damage like scratching or dust. MAHA says very smooth running is enabled thanks to the special long-life nickel coating employed on the posts which promotes efficient sliding.
The automatic support-arm restraint can be reached particularly easily from above for manual readjustment of the support arms in raised set-up condition, and a very flat sports car swing arm support with very low minimum pad heights of 58/65/73/84mm are also available for very low vehicles.

Accurate take-up of vehicles is assured thanks to standard height adjustable turning plates with a thread and plug-in system. Support raisers and form-locking vehicle mounts for secure vehicle fixing in the product range are also offered, as is optional flush installation with hinged-lid frame for flexible use of the work area (various models).
An optional increase of the maximum lifting height to 2153mm in conjunction with a deeper installation box is also available, as is pinch point protection thanks to a CE stop rather than a foot guard.
Ample freedom of movement is provided below the lifting platform thanks to the compact post-lifting unit and resulting optimum lighting below the raised vehicle, while a very quiet pump and electric motor are used in a corrosion proof oil-submerged design and an electronic lift control with no-contact, wear-free limit switches and visual error display are also featured.
Protected internal hydraulic safety cylinders guarantee a lengthy service life and mobile synchronisation and safety yoke for careful distribution of force in the post guide are included as standard. High lifting and lowering speeds are guaranteed (max 30/20s) and the hoists offer battery-operated emergency lowering.
The lifts can be found in the all-new AAAA Innovation Lab and are also used by VW Australia, Porsche Australia and around the world. As it does for all of its lifts, MAHA can also supply unique lifting points for Crafter, Vito, G Class, Sprinter and Audi TT, TTS and TTRS.

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