Sensium offers GPS tracking technologies

Sensium, an Australian based fleet telematics provider, says it was born out of the simple idea that there is always a better way to do business, but how do you turn invisible aggravation into visible opportunities?
It says recognising that adjustments to your business can make an immeasurable difference to your organisation, and then affect real change through distinct action.
However, it is easy to appoint blame, make excuses and resist change. Sensium says the trick here is to change the conversation. 
“Instead of statements like ‘I’m not going to…’ or ‘I have tried, but….’ promotion of personal ownership of a particular issue and being involved in change can make all the difference. Even a statement such as ‘I don’t know what to do, but something has to change’ is a step in the right direction,” Sensium Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy McLean, said.
“Let’s look at a particular scenario which is common to most businesses in transport – the push towards sustainability and being eco-friendly. The reality is that transport services require vehicles, and vehicles use fuel, which runs counter to a clean green image.
“Instead of simply offsetting the environmental impact by contributing from your bottom line, why not recognise that efficiency in the delivery of your services, for example, better route planning, travel in off-peak times, or better team communication are all ways in which your business can make less of an impact on the environment, be more efficient, achieve more and turn resistance to change into an element of pride. It’s time to make working smarter the new normal.”

For more information, call Sensium on 1800 764 824 to arrange a free trial or visit – your business may even be eligible for free 4G GPS Tracking Hardware.