SKF has launched a new line of classic car parts for vintage vehicles

SKF has introduced to the market the classic range, a new line of classic car parts to keep your old car running in a smooth and safe way.
This original line of premium products consists of complete wheel bearing kits including accessories, along with printed mounting instructions for a professional repair. The kits are supplied in a
high-quality box to ensure the components’ optimum protection, and with an attractive classic design are said to be unique to the vintage vehicle market.
SKF says that “as the undisputed leader in wheel bearing manufacturing since 1907,” SKF has accompanied the soul of these historic cars since their design, without ever giving up on quality and perfect performance.
The specific packaging also includes customised layers per bearing diameter for optimal protection and a certificate of authenticity to gain the loyalty of the garages and end-users.
This certificate of authenticity includes SKF quality control approval, a QR code for access to all kit information and a dedicated area for mechanic’s stamp, repair date and mileage for a complete repair traceability.
Because of SKF’s dedicated sales team with high-level expertise, SKF says it can offer a comprehensive range of products that cover the most popular iconic and prestigious classic cars in the market.
The specific cataloguing contains a high-quality linkage on old OE applications for quick and safe part identification.
This brand-new range will include 40 kits as a first step, covering exclusive and iconic applications such as Jaguar E-Type and Lancia Fulvia, and will be extended in the coming months.
“Classic vehicles are highly appreciated by passionate drivers, and we share that passion,” said Christophe Laurans, PLM-Chassis.
“That’s why we are excited to launch this brand-new range which is a natural extension of our premium wheel bearing offers. Classic cars owners deserve high standard products to maintain these pieces of history.”
SKF says it has an automotive heritage to share with the classic car world and that’s why it has launched this new line.
It says the new range will help to keep vintage cars always young and running smoothly, stating that these cars are not only a way to commute or travel, but also an identity for the owner; with SKF preserving history by making the classic vehicles eternal.

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