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Airbag Man says the inherent safety, reliability and speed of its world-leading air jacks make them the ideal choice for underbody servicing, wheel alignment, tyre replacement services and body repair work

Airbag Man has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of airbags and air suspension since 1995.
A proudly Australian owned and operated family business, Airbag Man was established in 1995 by CEO and Managing Director, Richard Clamp.
Over the past 20 years, Airbag Man has designed and manufactured unique and high-quality air suspension systems for light passenger and heavy transport vehicles, as well as industrial and agricultural applications.
Airbag Man are the Australian Distributors for the Selson Air Jack range and are proven in Australia, Europe and in the United States. Selson air jacks are approved for use with NATO, and after extensive testing, are now regularly used by the US Armed Forces.
Manufactured since 1959, the design was invented by Matthew Seltz, a German immigrant residing in Melbourne.
The unique design uses compressed air to raise and lower motor vehicles quickly and easily.

Two push button valves, one to raise the jack and the other to lower it, make operation quick and easy.
Light in weight, the jack is very portable and with very few moving parts, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.
With the speed of operation better than conventional jacks, the time required to lift a vehicle is significantly reduced.
Selson air jacks have a unique internal telescopic stabilising column, providing stability during elevation.
With the ability for some lateral movement, the head cap of the jack is able to follow the arc of the vehicle being elevated. This feature, combined with a wide base, gives maximum stability on hard or soft surfaces.
The jack’s working pressure is 690 kPa (100 psi). To ensure maximum operator safety, a factory set safety valve is mounted on the control manifold.
The valve is set at approximately 20 percent more than the standard working pressure and will prevent the air jack from being accidentally overloaded or over inflated.
Once in a lift position, the air-line can be disconnected and the jack will continue to support the vehicle allowing the air supply to be used elsewhere.
The air springs are made of a two-ply neoprene rubber that is oil and ozone resistant and will not easily perish or crack.
All Selson air jacks are subject to rigorous checks during manufacture and assembly, and each jack is individually tested, at the maximum recommended pressure, to ensure reliability and performance as specified.
The range of products carries a 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship and materials and is backed by a comprehensive service and replacement parts network.
With varying lift capacities and different heights, Airbag Man has models to suit Light Commercial, Truck and Bus applications. The hand-held models, which are portable and easily stored, are ideal for use on alignment and frame racks, and in road service vehicles. The roll-around Hustler models, with long reach handles, are best suited to service bays and workshops.
Richard says the company prides itself on producing well designed and easy to install air suspension products.
“Our aim is to continuously improve our products and service and respect all people and organisations we deal with. When you deal with our awesome staff, you know you’re backed by a team of specialists,” Richard said.
“We maintain a quality system designed to exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 and we support all staff members and suppliers in supporting this ongoing commitment to quality.”

Who Is Airbag Man?
Airbag Man specialises in systems and components for air springs and related actuation and vibration isolation products
The company is an official distributor for Firestone Air Springs, AMK, Intelliride, Dunlop, Sleson & Acceval.
Airbag Man only uses the best airbags in their air suspension kits.
Airbag Man says it has revolutionised the vehicle suspension industry by allowing vehicles to tow and carry load more safely.
As a company they are well proven in working with large or small manufacturers and individuals on projects to incorporate airbags as actuators or vibration isolators.
According to Airbag Man, its knowledgeable and prompt engineering department can help customers bring their ideas to fruition. The company likes to help its clients find the perfect solution.
Airbag Man says its suspension products are well proven in Australia’s harsh off-road conditions, with the company securing thousands of satisfied users over 20 years.
It claims it was the first in the world to put a Nissan Patrol 4×4 on full air suspension, as well as the first caravan and states that it prides itself on producing well designed and easy to install air suspension products globally.
Further, the company is proud to state that all Airbag Man products have been made to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards for more than 10 years.

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