Hayman Reese’s trailer ECU

The amount of electronics in vehicles is increasing. With increased electronics comes increased complexity, and the risk of getting it wrong can be expensive.
Hayman Reese says it pioneered vehicle specific towbar wiring solutions in 2009 with its Smartclick trailer wiring system, bringing a smarter and easier solution to complicated towbar wiring installations.
Each new Hayman Reese towbar comes with a Smartclick wiring loom that patches into existing connection points in the rear of the vehicle – usually behind the rear lights.
If the vehicle has a particularly complicated electrical system, an additional Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is connected to the loom that seamlessly handles all lighting signals for the vehicle and caravan or trailer.

What is a trailer ECU and why do you need them?
A trailer Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is a module that controls the lighting signals for trailer lamps. It reads the status of vehicle tail lamps and powers the trailer lamps from the battery power source in the vehicle.
The ECU isolates the vehicle’s existing tail lamps circuits and transfers the power to the trailer lamps. It provides protection against any trailer wiring faults and prevents overloading the vehicle’s tail lamp circuits.
If the vehicle uses an electronic control method such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the tail lamps – typically with LED tail lamps – an ECU is required to smooth the signal and prevent any flickering on any of the trailer lamps.
Hayman Reese says all of its ECUs are fully tested and compliant, carrying the ACMA RCM Mark (formerly known as ‘C-tick’).
The RCM mark means that all Hayman Reese ECUs meet and adhere to Australian Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards and will not interfere with expensive and sensitive electronics, which is critical to safe operation.
While many other ECUs are developed in overseas markets where wiring may be different, Hayman Reese ECUs are engineered and tested in Australia, for Australian Standards.
Hayman Reese says this means that its wiring solutions are 100 percent compatible with cars that come through the door every day.

The dependable choice
Lower cost ECUs on the market can lack the safety features of Hayman Reese ECUs, warns Hayman Reese.
Old or incorrect trailer wiring can create a fault or short-circuit, it cautions, stating that at best, the trailer lights may not work, at worst, a short-circuit, or overloaded circuit, may cause the ECU or the vehicle wiring to catch fire. All these conditions create a risk of unhappy customers and ‘comebacks’.
Hayman Reese says its ECUs are specifically designed to keep operating if trailer wiring faults occur.
In case of a fault in one circuit, Hayman Reese ECUs enable other circuits to continue operating in a safe manner.
For example, if there is a fault with the left turn signal – the brake lights are still able to operate safely.
Every ECU manufactured by Hayman Reese has internal overload and short circuit protection with a ‘self-reset’ function which occurs once the problem is remedied.
Modern vehicles have many variations in wiring which may differ from model to model. Hayman Reese says it offers an ECU for multiple vehicle variations, ensuring a wide variety of coverage.
Hayman Reese says its vehicle specific wiring solutions and ECUs are an important component in ensuring that a vehicle’s expensive electronics are protected, making sure the installer is getting the job right the first time and that the customer is satisfied, safe and happy.

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