The law was passed in the House of Representatives with unanimous support on May 13

In a phenomenal moment for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket industry, the Mandatory Data Sharing Law which the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has campaigned for more than 12 years has taken another vital step forward.
“After so many years of campaigning it was incredible to watch members of Parliament from the Government, Opposition and Centre Alliance party announce their bipartisan support for the legislation on May 13,” AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, said.
“It was particularly pleasing to hear many of our members who hosted workshop visits be acknowledged in speeches by the individual MPs.
“It does really drive home the significant impact that these visits had on MPs who then became champions for the cause amongst their Parliamentary colleagues – for that we thank, once again, all of the AAAA members who hosted these workshop visits over the last few years.
“It is incredible to be so close to the finish line.”
With the law now having passed the House of Representatives, the next and final steps is for the Senate to vote the legislation through for it to become law.
Parliament has now risen, and the Senate does not sit again until June, however the AAAA anticipates the Law will be scheduled for debate and voting in the June Senate sitting weeks.
The Honourable Dr Andrew Leigh MP introduced the second reading of the bill ahead of its unanimous passing of the House of Representatives.
“This bill is greatly welcomed,” Dr Leigh said.
“This is a very good bill…it is a shame it has taken so many years to get to this point, but Labour supports and champions this reform and will be pleased to see it implemented as soon as possible.”
In making his remarks, Dr Leigh highlighted the efforts of the AAAA in campaigning for this critically important law.
“I want to acknowledge the important work done by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and the vital advocacy of Lesley Yates and Stuart Charity in making the strong case to Labour and the Government for these reforms.
“And also, to Elyse Keyser from the AAAA for supporting a range of MP visits…the AAAA facilitated some 75 visits by members of Parliament to independent mechanics.”
In his speech, Dr Leigh noted work is already underway around the issue of electronic log books.
“There is one issue that has been discussed between the AAAA and Treasury, and that is around how independent mechanics will be able to update the digital service records for the cars they work on,” Dr Leigh said.
The Assistant Treasurer, the Honourable Michael Sukkar MP, has been a true champion of the mandatory data sharing cause and is already taking action on the digital service records issue.
“This new scheme will set out a framework for access to service and repair information, including who must provide the information, who’s entitled to receive it and what access conditions will apply,” Minister Sukkar explained.
“This government is committed to ensuring that we have a competitive automotive sector and a level playing field for all participants. 
“The scheme adviser, as outlined in the bill, will play an important role in monitoring the scheme’s implementation and will provide advice across industry in relation to its operation.
“I want to note that once the scheme is operational I will, as a matter of urgency, be requesting the scheme adviser to consult with industry and report to me on issues surrounding the accessibility of information contained specifically within electronic logbooks.
“This is because it is vital to the scheme’s success that repairers get the information they need and that it is affordable, accessible and provided in an appropriate time frame.
“This scheme is designed to ensure consumers and independent repairers get a fair go when it comes to the servicing of motor vehicles. I want to thank all of the independent repairers throughout Australia whom I’ve been able to visit since the last election.
“In formalising and finalising the bill…I want to thank them in particular. I thank all the industry bodies for coming together in good faith, in putting together this scheme.”

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