MPI Automotive says Manta is considered the best in aftermarket exhaust systems

One of the most common first steps a car owner takes to improve their vehicle is to upgrade to a performance exhaust, explains MPI Automotive.
It says this is because vehicle manufacturers are limited by a variety of factors that don’t prioritise a vehicle’s power or sound. 
Car exhaust systems are designed so that they fit easily onto a vehicle as it is moving down an assembly line and are made of materials that keep the overall cost of the car down.
They are also built to meet relevant emissions targets and noise requirements for any location the vehicle may be sold.
MPI Automotive explains that what this all means is that what you end up with from the factory is the addition of mufflers to keep the system quiet, as well as smaller pipe sizes for easier assembly and lower cost.  
So, when you are looking to add some power, sound and extra appeal to your vehicle, MPI Automotive says it doesn’t get much better than a performance exhaust.
But with so many aftermarket car exhaust systems available, it can be hard to work out which is the best option for you.
After all, you don’t want to end up with a system that is more trouble than they’re worth, with issues like poor fitment, low quality materials and limited warranties.
That’s where Manta comes in, says MPI Automotive.
“With none of the issues of cheaper, poor-quality alternatives, our systems are an investment that’s built right here in Australia and made to last,” MPI Automotive’s Shane Allen said.
“Our exhaust systems don’t have manufacturers’ limitations; they are made using high quality materials and they are a perfect fit for your vehicle.
“That all comes together to give you the sound and power you expect in your performance exhaust.”

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