The Terry Mahoney Excellence in Marketing Award recognised three leading companies

At this year’s Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards Banquet, the Terry Mahoney Excellence in Marketing Award celebrated Zeder Australia for Whiteline (Bronze), Fulcrum Suspensions (Silver) and Valvoline Australia (Gold).
Terry Mahoney was one of the driving forces in the formation of the AAAA. He served eight years on National Council, including two years as President and was awarded the Outstanding Service to Industry in 1998.
An accomplished businessman and marketer, this award is dedicated in Terry’s memory and is open to all Australian manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers of automotive replacement parts, accessories, tools and equipment who are members of the AAAA.
Valvoline Australia was awarded the Gold Terry Mahoney Marketing Excellence Award for its ‘The Original Engine Oil’ and ‘You Know’ campaigns.
Valvoline states that it is the first American branded engine oil, explaining that in 1866, Dr John Ellis discovered the lubricating benefits of crude oil and founded the company that became Valvoline.
“The rich history of Valvoline marked the launch of The Original Engine Oil campaign proclaiming the company’s status as America’s first engine oil brand internationally in over 50 countries back in 2019,” Valvoline Marketing Manager for ANZ, Kate Phillips, said.
“In 2021, Valvoline ANZ evolved to The Original Engine Oil, returning to our local historical roots, but with a modern twist.
“Welcome to You Know – it is short, punchy and harkens back to the heritage of the ‘People Who Know’ and ‘You Know What I Mean’ campaigns.
“You Know is a modern conversational term used very naturally by much of the Australian and New Zealand populations. The campaign also honours the longstanding innovation of the company.
“Touting the world’s first racing oil, first synthetic blend and first high mileage engine oils, Valvoline has consistently shown its focus on innovating and reinventing engine oil for the evolving automotive, commercial, and industrial customer needs.
“It’s an honour for Valvoline to receive such recognition from the automotive aftermarket for the campaign.
“Valvoline has always strived to be at the forefront on innovation with a rich history, including being The Original Engine Oil – that’s one of the key messages of the campaign and why Valvoline have been trusted for over 150 years”.

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