Recently launched to the Australian market is a unique digital automotive aftermarket parts ordering service

Over the past eighteen months, the global COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the acceptance that digital business communication is the way forward for the future.
Never before has it been so easy and effective for companies within the automotive aftermarket industry to successfully digitally connect and inter-trade around the world.
So as this dynamic new age in digital business trading continues to gather ongoing momentum, is about to further extend its already thriving international services as a global digital platform for automotive professionals throughout Australia to take advantage of competitive online parts ordering and sales facilities. is based in Lyon, France and says it offers a comprehensive and highly effective digital Automotive Parts Catalogue alongside an ‘active’ interface with an engine capable of simultaneously searching up to 2,000 individual references to provide the best price currently available; therefore saving precious time, money and manpower for its growing number of international customers.
“We are totally unique in being the only professional B2B digital platform for automotive manufacturers and wholesalers/distributors in the world and we are now ready to invite Australian automotive companies to use our services to further enhance their optimization of sourcing quality parts,” President and Founder, Christophe Riberolle, said.
Marketparts says it is continually upgrading its direct trading facilities through new innovative technologies to offer worldwide visibility communication for its users towards easy sourcing of automotive parts globally to buy and sell through certified key players in the market.
Connection to the Marketparts system is through your email address and password plus a confirmation code will be received by text.
Once connected just type in the number of the part you are interested in and almost immediately all current available offers are displayed with prices, stock levels and delivery times for comparison. You can then insert your geographical area in Australia to get in touch with the nearest worldwide supplier.
Marketparts will also provide an App to present all the companies matching your selected part and once you have chosen a specific seller, Marketparts will contact the company for a quote.
If your chosen part is not available, then you have the opportunity to trigger a system to send out for tenders to Marketparts, which will assist companies to find another potential seller.
Marketparts was formed in July 2019 and launched its individual digital platform in January 2020 and over the course of the past 21 months built up a growing list of 6,000 international distribution and manufacturing users.
Now Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific regions are its next simultaneous expansion project.
“Our totally unique digital platform is the way forward for innovative Australian manufacturers and wholesalers/distributors to swiftly buy or sell automotive parts at a competitive price,” Christophe said.

For further information and to take advantage of an opening offer to test the digital platform, go to