A TPMS with one button press to set front and rear axle pressure alarm baselines

Carmate Electronics says it is proud to introduce Mata C: a new easy-to-use tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for 4WDs.
Mata C is a DIY TPMS with four external sensors and a cig-plug style display.
Mata C monitors tyre pressures, temperatures and car battery voltage, and Carmate Electronics says its unique one-button operation makes setting independent front/rear axle pressure baselines very easy with just a press of the button, stating it is “the ultimate choice for 4WD/off-road drivers.”
When the driver wants to start an off-road journey, once the front axle pressure has been lowered to 22psi and the rear axle pressure set to 18psi, with a press of one button, the Mata C can quickly set the baseline pressure (22/18 psi for front/rear axles) in just two seconds.
Further, Mata C provides real time monitoring and alarms for High/Low Pressure, Leakage and High Temperature, and Carmate Electronics’ patented spanner can be used to replace the sensor battery and lock/unlock the sensors easily to prevent sensors being stolen.

Key features:
• Unique one button operation to set independent front/rear axle pressure baselines.
• Quick response and accurate detection.
• DIY TPMS monitors four tyre pressures, temperatures and vehicle battery voltage.
• Visual and audible alarm for High/Low Pressure, Leakage and High Temperature.
• Durable and light weight sensor, IP67.
• Sensor battery lifetime >2 years and replaceable.
• Pressure range: 0~7 BAR/ 0~99PSI.
• CE/FCC/E-MARK approval meets Australian standards.
• Patented tool to replace sensor battery, lock/unlock sensor to prevent being stolen.

Key benefits:
• Real-time monitoring can quickly alert drivers to leakage, high/low tyre pressure and high temperature and helps drivers maintain the right tyre pressure for safer driving and allow users to save fuel and reduce tyre wear.
• One-button operation allows you to quickly set independent pressure alarm baselines for the front and rear axle, so you can change axle pressure baselines according to the terrains quickly and easily.
• The system can also monitor the vehicle battery voltage, alerting drivers once the voltage is low and ready to be changed.
• DIY installation and the easy to use, replaceable sensor battery means the consumer can own the device for a long time.

Carmate Electronics represents two vehicle electronics manufacturers in Australia. Its TPMS covers motorcycle, car and heavy-duty trucks and the company also provides OEM/ODM services.

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