The system from Comp Cams combats fatigued LS rocker arms

Comp Cams’s Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System is a bolt-in bushed shaft rocker system designed to combat fatigued LS rocker arms.
“The BSR system can be beneficial at all performance levels. The increased system stiffness will help get the most of your rocker arm and camshaft while the superior durability of the bushings will ensure a long life of the product,” Comp Camps Mechanical Group Manager, Chris Potter, said.
“We designed the BSR system to provide the best valvetrain stability and durability within a reasonably priced package. The BSR system increases the stiffness of the valvetrain package by tying all the rockers together, helping to eliminate the flexing of individual rockers.
“This is especially beneficial on the LS3 and LS7 offset rocker arms. It allows us to maintain the proper contact geometry between the rocker pad and the valve tip, especially at higher spring loads and lifts. The use of a tri-layer bushing also increases the system stiffness while eliminating moving parts by removing needle bearings from the rocker arms.
“The size of the camshaft is really irrelevant. The current BSR is lift limited due only to contact patch of the GM rocker arm geometry. The BSR allows us to safely run .675-inches of lift on the LS1 and LS3. We’ve run .700-inches of lift on the LS7 with the stock lash cap repeatedly without fear of tearing up the valve tip or rocker pad.
“Generally, we don’t recommend over 550-pounds open load on the stock-style rocker arm. As you’ll hopefully see in the future, the shaft will take more than that, but the rocker is currently the limiting component.”
To install, the only thing that you must do is remove your old rockers. After this task is complete the majority of the work is already done. You will remove the rocker stands, and the shaft system will bolt right into place.
The Comp Camps Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System is available from Rocket Industries.

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