The products have reportedly been designed and tested to OEM Specification

Maxliner Australia now offers a complete range of D-MAX accessories including MaxTop Canopies, MaxCover Hard Tonneaus, Maxliner Bedliners, MaxPro Floor Mats and Ute Accessories.
These products have reportedly been designed and tested to OEM Specification by a dedicated team of R&D Engineers based in Maxliner’s Global Head Office in Thailand, working directly with Isuzu limited.

The Isuzu D-MAX range comprises of the following mainstream accessories:

  • MaxTop Canopies: manufactured from tough ABS Canopy Shell which is 100 percent recyclable. Maxliner says its canopies are robust and durable, combined with an internal metal frame for greater durability and loading capacity and able to support additional loads on the roof rack. All Maxliner Canopies are painted using OE quality paints.
  • The all-new MaxCover Alloy Hard Lid and MaxRail System: a premium hard tonneau cover. Maxliner says this strong, robust and durable aluminium hard tonneau also gives the flexibility to carry large items on top of the cover or to fit an optional cross bar.
  • Maxliner KD Five-Piece Under Rail Bed Liner: Maxliner says this product represents its latest evolutionary step regarding bedliner innovation. For this variant, the floor has a ‘non-skid floor surface’ reducing the sliding of cargo while driving. Furthermore, the five-piece design reportedly allows a closer fit to the truck bed, maximizing inside space. This is all packed in a single box, reducing transport damages; and Maxliner says it can be shipped much more efficiently than the traditional bed liners while being easy to DIY install.

Maxliner says all accessories will be available at the launch of the vehicle directly through Maxliner Australia or via one of its premium distributors across Australia.

For more information, visit or call 1800 592 192.