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It is not often a product comes along which significantly contributes to your work health and safety obligations, makes life easier and increases your business’ productivity.
Interequip says it believes the latest “all in one” mobile tyre fitting and balancing machine from the Italian manufacturer M&B Engineering does just that.
Traditionally mobile tyre fitters have had to work with slide hammers and tyre levers using brute strength to change tyres. Typically, this has been very demanding on a technicians’ back and stamina.
The M&B Engineering machine minimises the physical exertion on technicians required to fit tyres for trucks or passenger vehicles. This generally means they are capable of fitting more tyres without tiring which has the potential to increase productivity which can prove to be of particular benefit when servicing fleet customers at their depot.
The M&B Engineering machine hydraulically folds out and is capable of fitting passenger vehicle tyres from 13” up to 26” as well as truck tyres without the use of traditional tyre levers. At the same time, its compact size means it is capable of being loaded into a normal high roof van or light truck.
Once the tyre has been fitted it can be balanced with the inbuilt wheel balancer which also features a handy aluminium stick on weight program.
The M&B Engineering machine reportedly easily removes the tyre from the rim in a lever-less procedure and the wheel assembly can be balanced straight after fitting.
When it comes to truck tyres, there is also no need for the newly fitted tyre to return to base to be balanced, adding to the productivity of the trucking company as this procedure is quite easily performed at the side of the road or nearest safe truck stop, says Interequip.
The compact all in one design means the machine takes up a minimal amount of valuable van work space, allowing for a greater range of tyres to be carried in the service vehicle.
Interequip says the machine has proven very popular with European tyre service suppliers and is beginning to gain ground here with one of Australia’s largest tyre suppliers.
M&B also has other models of car tyre changers (TC528IT, TC525PG), truck tyre changers (Dido30, Dido56), car wheel balancers (WB640) and truck wheel balancers (WB690) on offer.

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