2019 AAAA Outstanding Service Industry Award winner Maurice Donovan says you won’t believe the story of this much anticipated speaker

Taurayi Raymond Sewera

Wow! Here we are in 2020 and so much is happening around the world as well as here in Australia.
It has been a tragic start for many in our country who have been devastated by fires and drought, and while many like myself may not be feeling the direct effects in our cities, we do feel for our fellow Aussies who have lost so much.
On a brighter note the auto industry is in for a fantastic year, with the fast-approaching Autocare 2020 to be hosted by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) and Automotive Repair Council Australia (ARCA) in Brisbane across the 19th and 20th of June.
This will be a mega event and is sure to be even bigger and better than the first Autocare which was held in Sydney in 2018.
Australia’s automotive industry has never before been offered a Convention of this scope and depth and I believe Autocare is truly a game changing event; addressing the very latest developments and global trends in our industry while bringing forward international ideas for us to consider as we plan for the future.
There will be a number of international guests attending and there are two in particular I wish to highlight.
One of them is someone who many of you will already know: Frank Massey from the UK. One of the UK’s leading experts in the field of Automotive Training, specialising in Vehicle Diagnostics, Frank has more than 40 years of industry experience and is renowned in the motor industry for his unrivalled expertise and knowledge.
The other visiting guest I wish to highlight and who perhaps will be less known in Australia is Zimbabwe’s Taurayi Raymond Sewera.

Taurayi only came to my attention around 12 months ago. He had grown up in poverty and earnt his living as a back yard self-taught mechanic. Soon after the sad passing of his son, Taurayi turned to alcohol.
What first caught my attention and interest in Taurayi was seeing the people who he associates with. I become very inquisitive as to how a back yard mechanic from a developing country like Zimbabwe could afford to regularly travel to America and be trained by the world’s best trainers? And not only is he being trained by them, but he has also become very close to them and is highly respected by them all.
Indeed Jim Morton, a very well knowing industry leader and trainer from America, recently posted this on Taurayi’s Facebook page: “The first year you attended VISION, you wanted a picture with all of us, Now this year because you are so FAMOUS, we will all want a picture with YOU. 😂👊👍”
You see, Taurayi has an amazing story to tell.
One day he decided he did not want to be just a drunken nobody and made a commitment to ‘The Almighty’ that he would give up drinking and that he would become the best mechanic in the world.
Most of us make New Year resolutions but few of us see these resolutions through. And considering Taurayi’s disadvantage of living in a developing country where opportunities are limited, one could be forgiven for assuming that is where his story would end.
Well, it has been quite the opposite and today while Taurayi is not yet the world’s best mechanic he is well on his way as one of the very few technicians to have sat for and passed all of the Advanced Level Specialist Certifications Series tests in the whole world.

His very impressive CV now includes:
• ACDC Certified Master Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Technician
• ASE Certified Advanced Level Specialist in Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
• ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician
• ASE Certified Master Medium & Heavy-Duty Truck Technician
• ASE Certified Advanced Level Specialist in Engine Performance
• ASE Transit Bus Technician
• ASE Certified Collision and Repair Technician
• Vehicle Electronics Technician (VET) USA
• ASE Certified Undercar Specialist
• ASE Certified Advanced Level Specialist in Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles
• Truck Electronic Diesel Engines Diagnosis
Considering the fact that he has sat and passed at least 28 Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Exams, which makes me think he has sat for every possible test that ASE has, I suspect there is not another technician in the world who has as many ASE accreditations as Taurayi.
Upon hearing Taurayi’s story, I just knew that I had to meet the World’s Greatest Automotive Technician and it was not enough for me to talk to him over the internet – I want to know what drives Taurayi from one day living in hopelessness to the next day having a dream; a dream that would change his life forever. After all, who would have believed someone like Taurayi could have lived his dream, when you consider the limitation that he faced? Taurayi’s story is a testimony that with the right attitude and motive, it is possible to achieve great things no matter what boundaries we face.

I am greatly looking forward to my dream of meeting Taurayi coming true soon, and I want to thank the AAAA and TaT for sponsoring Taurayi so he can come to Australia and be part of Autocare 2020.
If you are as interested as I am in wanting to meet Taurayi, you need to come to Autocare 2020, so get your diaries out now and lock in the dates of the 19th and 20th of June.
Taurayi will be telling his full story at the Autocare Dinner which will be held on the Friday the 19th of June and if you are like me, I am sure you will not want to miss that event – Taurayi’s story is inspiring and I believe very relevant for us: if someone in Zimbabwe can find a way to learn so much, then why can’t we do the same with so many resources at our disposal.
If you would like to become one of Australia’s first ASE accredited technicians, the AAAA will be running a second ASE pilot test in all of our capital cities soon.

For more information, please email John at the AAAA on to register your interest.
Until next time,
Maurice Donovan