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Tungsram says its Megalight Ultra +150 outputs an amazing amount of light, illuminating up to 150 percent more of the road than a standard halogen.
Invision Sales, distributor for the Tungsram globe range, says the Megalight Ultra 150+ uses an ultra-fine filament design, 100 percent xenon gas filling system and precise European engineering to create an advanced product.
Further, a specialised coating system and enhanced strength glass envelope on the Megalight Ultra +150 is designed to prevent overheating which improves bulb life.
“Tungsram has created an absolute standout product in the Megalight Ultra +150 by combining incredible performance along with OE quality that meets our ADRs,” Invision Sales Managing Director, Wayne Blackman, said.
“With it designed and manufactured in Europe, it is literally a guarantee of quality that gives you the confidence to fit it to your customer’s vehicles.”
Invision Sales says Tungsram is a European manufacturing success story that began over 120 years ago. The company has reportedly held true to its principles and maintained the highest quality standards and resisted the temptation to manufacture in Asia as many other brands have.
Invision has also created a very trade focused program for Tungsram with the introduction of fantastic wall mounted cabinets and a great parts box system that covers every globe in the range.
It says it is the ideal way for a busy workshop to feed their daily requirements and the setup gives you a clear and concise view and makes selecting the globe you need fast and efficient.
“When you fit Tungsram globes to your customer’s vehicle, you can be assured that you’re fitting original equipment quality that has been manufactured in Europe. What this means to the Australian market is the return of the Tungsram brand, with made in Europe bulbs,” Wayne said.
The complete Tungsram globe range is available through JAS Oceania.

For further information visit or contact Invision Sales on 03 9336 2066.