A lot of premium workshops return their customer’s cars freshly washed

Providing a complimentary car wash often generates greater gratitude and appreciation than shaving hundreds of dollars of profit off a service/repair bill.
Meguiar’s says that adding a tyre dressing is an absolute must as it is that finishing touch that takes any car wash from pretty good to pretty perfect.
It says what customers don’t appreciate is when you use a cheap, nasty tyre dressing that flings all up the side of their car – especially when it starts attracting unsightly dirt and road grime.
Meguiar’s says its Hot Shine Tyre Shine is super quick and super easy to apply thanks to its trigger action spray applicator.
It reportedly gives tyres a deep, black wet look, and thanks to its higher solids content, it lasts for weeks, instead of days – even after rain and regular washing.
Meguiar’s says it doesn’t sling off and end up all over the paint, explaining that it has highly water-resistant polymers combined with patented antiozonant technology to keep your tyres looking blacker longer, while preventing cracking, browning and premature ageing.
As such, Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tyre Shine not only keeps tyres looking all shiny and nice, but it also keeps them young and resilient.
The two-way adjustable trigger nozzle (narrow spray and wide spray) makes a potentially messy job so much neater and cleaner and also gives you the necessary control to dial in the spray pattern to suit short-sided, low-profile tyres, all the way up to tall SUV and offroad monsters.
Also, by varying the amount of product applied, you can vary the level of gloss. And if you happen to add too much product, Meguiar’s says that is no problem as any excess is easily buffed off with a cloth.

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