A little goes a long way

COVID-19 has pretty much turned the workshop universe upside down. The silver lining in this foreboding black cloud is that independent workshops are thriving, which Meguiar’s says in turn has created unrivalled opportunities to grow your business.
It says one strategy successful workshops are employing to enhance customer experience, is to provide complimentary car washing.
Returning a vehicle washed and cleaned often leaves a more positive impression than other gestures such as discounted parts and labour – which can easily strip hundreds of dollars of profit out of a job.
More so, customers often don’t notice any improvement following a routine service however, they always notice their car has been washed.
Meguiar’s says its Hyper Wash is perfect for workshops looking to value-add via a detailing service.
It says it is super concentrated with a dilution ratio of 400:1 – so a little goes a very long way – and at $79.99 RRP the 3.9-litre works out at around 50 cents a wash, while the $289.95 RRP 19-litre option drops that down to just 40 cents which Meguiar’s says is “unbelievably good value!”
Unlike typical bulk cleaners, which tend to be overly harsh and aggressive, Meguiar’s says its Hyper Wash is the same premium-quality wash that Meguiar’s is world famous for.
It reports that its powerful sudsing formula produces rich, stable foam that lasts the whole wash – even in the hardest water.
Further, Meguiar’s says the Hyper Wash’s exceptional cleaning power safely lifts dirt and grime, without stripping away the protective wax from your customer’s paintwork – all while delivering a deep, glossy shine.
Ideal for both traditional suds ‘n’ bucket washing, or in a Meguiar’s Snow Foaming Cannon, Hyper Wash is biodegradable and rinses off clean with no streaking or water spotting once the car has been dried off.
“If all that isn’t enough, it also smells great. It is no wonder Meguiar’s Hyper Wash is a favourite of professional detailers around the globe,” Meguiar’s says.

For more information, visit or call 1800 347 570 or head into your nearest Repco to purchase.