Strong, fast and safe

Meguiar’s says these three attributes maximise turnaround times and turnover, which is what Meguiar’s Super Degreaser is all about.
Spray it on, wait 30 to 45 seconds and hose off with a strong jet of water. That’s all it takes, says Meguiar’s, which states as well as being fast acting, its free rinsing formula prevents unsightly white residue stains, while its herbal fragrance creates a pleasant work environment.
It’s ability to break down and efficiently whisk away dirt, grime and grease will reportedly exceed your expectations.
While designed as a spray-on, hose off product, for those ultra-severe, baked on build ups, Meguiar’s says you’ll get best results by agitating the surface with a brush and better still, with low VOC, it doesn’t “gas you to death” while it cleans.
Being a professional-grade formulation, Meguiar’s Super Degreaser comes in concentrate form – which means you don’t have big containers of water sitting around tying up valuable space.
For heavy duty cleaning, like in engine bays, dilute to four parts water to one part degreaser (4:1 ratio). For light to medium duty cleaning, as well as general-purpose cleaning, Super Degreaser can be mixed up to as much as 10 parts water to 1 part degreaser (10:1 ratio).
Meguiar’s encourages you to grab one of its handy, multi-purpose spray bottles when you pick up your Super Degreaser.
The generously sized, 945ml bottle holds plenty of fluid to get the job done, while the matching high-flow, chemically resistant spray nozzle makes for quick application.
Clear side markings make dilution a breeze – and you can also see at a glance how full it is thanks to its opaque construction. Plus the printed area on the front makes it a snap for you to clearly label what’s inside.
Unlike other harsh degreasers, when diluted to 10:1, Meguiar’s Super Degreaser is paint safe – making it ideal for cleaning those areas where accidental staining from overspray is a concern. This can be especially helpful for cleaning exterior areas – just don’t allow formula to dry on the surface.
With strong and fast acting for the toughest jobs and residue-free performance – all without sacrificing cleaning power and with a pleasant fragrance – Meguiar’s says the product delivers a massive win for your workshop.
The product is available in 3.8L and 19L sizes through Repco and other select autoparts retailers.

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