For Mercedes-Benz W205

Mercedes vehicles with complex multi-link axles are susceptible to high levels of wear and tear.
The ball joints, in particular, can fail prematurely, thus impairing driving safety and causing costly repairs with relatively low mileage. Meyle says this is where Meyle-HD comes into play, offering better durability for a longer service life.
The Meyle-HD control arm for Mercedes W205 models has reportedly been technically enhanced by Meyle engineers to meet the highest quality standards for the high weight load on Mercedes vehicles.
The special feature is the increased ball diameter of the Meyle-HD ball pin, which reduces the surface pressure and thus wear.
During the optimisation process, Meyle says its experts not only focused on the function but also on the condition, stating that an inductive heat treatment has made the ball stud even more resistant to friction and wear and therefore simply lasts longer than the OE part.
Meyle states the high-performance grease used is also designed for a long service life and supports optimum functionality while a newly designed plastic seat ensures a perfect fit.
As a manufacturer of high-quality steering and suspension parts, Meyle says its products come with 25 years of technical know-how and that it offers a complete range of products for almost all aspects of steering and suspension.
Meyle says that its award-winning and cleverly designed Meyle-Kits also save time and money in daily workshop business.
It states that quality is not only ensured in the in-house quality and testing laboratories in Hamburg, but also in a real “stress test” on the track with renowned racing teams.
Meyle-HD parts come with a four-year warranty.

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