From Invision Sales

Whilst the headlights of many cars are heavily damaged and require a full restoration that includes fine grade sanding, many suffer from mild damage and are still functional but have a slight amount of yellowing.
Invision says this yellowing looks pretty bad on a nice clean car and if not treated, will continue to deteriorate.
To meet the needs of these two levels of damage, Invision has introduced a new product that is designed to restore mildly damaged headlights to as new condition.
It says it is faster and cheaper than a full headlight restoration, so you can make great margin on the service.
“Most of today’s vehicles feature headlights that wrap over with a horizontal surface at the top that will display damage after a few years,” Invision Sales Managing Director, Wayne Blackman, said.
“The first sign of damage is a slight yellowing across the top of the lens which is easily fixed with this new product.”
The program is now clearly divided into two categories, Mild and Heavy.
As the names suggest, Mild is for slightly damaged headlights while Heavy is for badly clouded ones that need the full process.
The DIY Mild kit (part number HRK05) includes convenient sachets with pre-soaked applicators for both Yellow X cleaner and the UV Clear Coat. Invision says these make it fast and easy to service a slightly damaged headlight.
The DIY Heavy kit (part number HRK01) is a complete headlight restoration and fully restores badly damaged headlights.
The Heavy kit removes the layer of discoloured plastic and smooths it back to its original state. The kit also includes a protective gloss UV coating that effectively restores the headlight to as new condition.
Invision says this UV coating is unique to the Invision system and delivers long lasting protection.

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