The next generation in towbar coding

Milford designs, tests, produces and distributes a range of Towbars to suit most vehicle applications including modern passenger motor vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles including Vans, Cab Chassis and Pickup Utility vehicles.
Milford also catalogues a complete range of application specific, plug-and-play trailer wiring harness kits.
Advances in vehicle safety systems and drive train technologies have progressed significantly in recent years with most vehicles now requiring electronic ‘re-coding’ to operate safely and to improve the vehicle’s performance when towing. This is particularly the case with increasing vehicle GVMs and larger towing payloads.
A few vehicles arrive in Australia ‘trailer prepared,’ however most require some form of vehicle re-coding. Any towbar installation that does not include this when required is simply incomplete and will not only compromise vehicle performance but moreover, may result in a potentially dangerous towing situation.
Milford says its new Ult1Mate Electronic Coding System can perform these vital re-coding requirements.
The system includes a portable coding handset which easily connects to the vehicle OBD II port via the supplied OBD II Male to 15 Pin DB15 Female connecting cable and a PC based support suite which backs up the handset with regular data updates and new vehicle applications.
The handset features a high contrast OLED display, easy to navigate user menu and requires no WiFi or internet connection to operate. It is IP rated and made from sturdy, workshop grade materials, says Milford.
The PC based Application/User interface is said to be intuitive and easy to use and further supported by Milford’s “legendary” customer service support program which includes video format operating instructions and user guides, print format operating instructions and user guides via download and the 1800 MILFORD Technical Support Hotline.
Boasting more than 400 individual vehicle applications and regular vehicle updates, the Ultimate Electronic Coding System enables the operator to perform guided or manual vehicle coding changes to Trailer Stability, Sway Mitigation (VSC/ESC) programs, Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Body Control Module (BCM) enhancements and Advanced Driver Assistance system adaptions.
Additionally, Dashboard notifications, displays and alerts can also be updated to reflect the coding changes made.
The Milford Ult1Mate Electronic Coding System is available Australia wide and is ready for immediate delivery.

For more information, contact the Milford team on or 1800 MILFORD.