“Absolute performance, unsurpassed protection and pioneering innovation”

Mobil 1 says it pioneered full synthetic oil back in 1974 and today remains the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand.
However, for the past couple of years five-litre and one-litre packaged Mobil 1 products have been somewhat difficult to get hold of.
With the 2019 appointment of MotorActive as the Mobil 1 distributor for Australian retail, Mobil 1 says availability issues are a thing of the past.
Premier automotive outlets including Autobarn, Auto One and Repco have shelves bursting with a comprehensive line-up of Mobil 1 synthetic engine oils – along with select stocks of the advanced Mobil Super range. MotorActive is also making larger bulk sizes available to independent workshops.
Why Mobil 1?
Mobil 1 has used F1 as the ultimate test bed since 1978 and continues this today with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.
Additionally, more than 70 of the world’s top performance vehicles come factory-filled with Mobil 1 from day one, including iconic performance brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin, HSV, Corvette, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Bentley, McLaren and Nissan.
As with anyone looking for absolute performance from their engine, these premier manufacturers reportedly insist on Mobil 1.
With its “world-leading,” full synthetic technology, Mobil 1 says it is renowned for its unsurpassed anti-wear properties, stating this comes from being part of ExxonMobil and its end-to-end control over every drop – from selecting the absolute best base stock (Group IV/V PAO/Esters) from its own oil rigs, to the refining process, through to developing proprietary additive packages.
Mobil 1 says that simply put, it keeps your engine running like new even under the most extreme conditions.
Manufacturers are continually striving to increase power output, while simultaneously reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Innovations in engine and motor oils are a key contributor to gains in these areas. By working hand-in-hand with OEMs, Mobil 1 says it is at the forefront of this pioneering innovation – creating formulations that help highly stressed engines cope with ever higher demands.
It says a prime example is ExxonMobil’s development of fuels and lubricants in conjunction with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1. Extracting maximum power whilst keeping the engine reliable was a huge challenge for all
involved, says Mobil 1, which states that the lessons learnt there flow down to all Mobil 1 products.

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