Gates offers 191 modular hose part numbers

The cooling system in today’s cars is much more complex, requiring cooling (and heating) to supplementary areas of the vehicle; auxiliary heaters, turbochargers, fuel systems, motors, inverters and so on.
The manner in which coolant is transported to these areas, via the radiator or heater hose, has seen immense change with a variety of components now built into the hose and sold as assemblies. These hose assemblies are what are referred to as ‘modular’ hose.
A Modular hose can be defined as a “coolant hose assembly with one or more components which are built into the hose and have coolant flowing through the component(s).”
Gates explains modular hose is predominantly found in European manufactured vehicles and OE manufacturers are increasingly integrating modular hose into their designs as it saves time and money to engineer one modular hose rather than multiple single hoses.
Modular hoses are more complex than traditional moulded hose as they now have quick-connects, sensors, restrictors, valves, and other components built in. The quick connects and brackets are for ease of assembly and orientation and Ts are used to route additional hoses to new vehicle systems.
Gates says the significant rise in sales of European vehicles in Australia has created a new segment for the automotive aftermarket to provide an OE alternative. It states it is the largest manufacturer to offer modular hose to the automotive aftermarket and that it has the most extensive range of modular hose available with 191 modular hose part numbers providing distributors great vehicle coverage and sales opportunities they previously didn’t have.
It says its modular hose delivers value to all distributors, resellers and workshops as modular hose needs to be replaced more frequently than traditional moulded hose. Gates says this means increased sales volumes for all levels of the aftermarket as you have increased sales of a product with better profit margins.
Further, Gates says its extensive range means all levels of customer have better availability through Gates than any other manufacturer or supplier.

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