The new facilities are located in Export Park

Soren Madsen, CEO of the STENHOJ Group officially cutting the blue ribbon to open the new Adelaide office.

Molnar has supplied Hoists and lifts for 40 years and has become an icon within the Australian automotive industry.
It says it has a reputation which has been built across generations, with values which have remained true as the Molnar brand has continued to evolve.
On the 13th of September 2017, Molnar became part of the STENHOJ Group and the new Molnar office and warehouse was opened in Export Park, Adelaide.
Soren Madsen, Chief Executive Officer of the STENHOJ Group, cut the blue ribbon to officially open the new Adelaide office.
“The STENHOJ Group will invest to grow the Molnar brand in Australia. The benefit of being a part of the STENHOJ Group will be the access to a greater range of innovative and market leading products,” Soren said.
“STENHOJ will continue to invest in service and support, bringing the STENHOJ’s 100 years of experience to ensure Molnar’s reputation in the Australian market.

Molnar’s new Adelaide office and warehouse in Export Park.

“The STENHOJ Group philosophy is to build on a great reputation of equipment while ensuring products are supported locally.”
The popularity of Molnar Hoists has not only been for the reliability and quality but the ongoing availability of spare parts, says STENHOJ Australia.
STENHOJ Australia says it knows that taking ownership of the Molnar brand is about more than just the name, it’s carrying on a legacy of professional, hardworking, long-lasting equipment.
Aftersales support and management of stock for Molnar products will continue from Adelaide operating out of the new Export Park office and warehouse.
“The staff and stock in Adelaide are there to ensure Molnar customers will keep getting the parts they need quickly,” Molnar Sales Manager, Kevin Dawes, said.
Spare Parts and Accessories will continue to be manufactured in Australia. The Molnar range of workshop equipment will be supplied from STENHOJ’s European and Asian factories.

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