For safer and smoother towing

Getting out onto the national highways with a caravan has never been more popular.
4WD vehicles have also become the primary choice for people who are towing their caravans over long distances and in many cases on unforgiving Australian country roads.
Monroe says the distinct advantage of fitting Monroe Gas Magnum TDT shock absorbers to your 4WD is the fact that these shock absorbers have been designed and manufactured specifically for driving, towing and off-road conditions on Australian roads, without any compromises.
Towing heavy loads across long distances and in varying driving conditions has a significant effect on the ride height, steering and braking response of your 4WD.
4WD shock absorbers are subjected to significantly heavier impacts compared with normal vehicles, while the effects of towing heavy loads also adds to a gradual loss in shock absorber performance.
This then leads to several knock-on effects, including a significant increase in the emergency stopping distance of the vehicle.
Monroe encourages you to be sure to regularly check your shock absorbers and if worn, transform the feel, ride and safety of your four wheel drive, while enhancing its towing safety by fitting Monroe Gas Magnum TDT shock absorbers.
Monroe says its three-year/60,000 kilometre warranty ensures the peace of mind that you would expect from Australia’s top selling shock absorber brand.
As many SUVs and passenger cars have been designed mainly for urban use, these vehicles that are regularly towing significant weight should also be regularly checked for shock absorber wear to enhance towing safety and passenger ride comfort.

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