Monroe says these shock absorbers ensure longer tyre life, safety and cost efficiencies

As any experienced heavy commercial vehicle technician will tell you, truck tyre wear patterns present a wealth of information relating to under-vehicle problems.
Tyre wear can identify several potentially dangerous issues:
• Steer or drive axle misalignment
• Mismatched tyres to truck applications
• Mechanical or drive train problems
• Worn axle components
• Worn ride control or suspension components
Monroe says identifying and correcting underlying wear causes should always take place before the investment is made for a new set of tyres.
The cost of a new set of Monroe Magnum heavy duty shock absorbers is approximately the same as the cost of just one truck steer tyre, damaged as a result of worn shock absorbers, says Monroe. Worn shock absorbers are not only uncomfortable for heavy duty vehicle drivers, they can also impact safety, lead to truck downtime and increase operational expenses.
Today, more emphasis is being placed on lowering maintenance costs to improve the bottom line for heavy duty transport operators. Replacement of heavy duty shock absorbers can be a low-cost answer to avoid future high-cost problems, says Monroe.
Worn shock absorbers on heavy duty vehicles are easy to overlook. They’re quiet, with no warning lights to see or screeching parts to hear. Shock absorbers wear out from miles of driving in a variety of conditions. Under normal conditions, heavy duty shock absorbers stroke an average of 1.087 times for every kilometre driven. That’s 21.7 million times every 20,000 kilometres.
There is no doubt that tyres are the major purchase item for many heavy duty transport vehicle fleet owners and owner-operators. Well performing shock absorbers help control excessive vibration by keeping the tyres in firm contact with the road. This can reduce tyre cupping, one of several causes of premature tyre failure.
The advantage of replacing worn heavy duty shock absorbers doesn’t end there. Along with maximising vehicle tyre life, many truck components benefit from a reduction in excess vibration, including batteries and running lights, radiators and even body components resulting in reduced failures and maintenance costs.
Doesn’t forget payloads. A well maintained truck, with good shock absorbers to control excessive vibration, can help reduce damage to both trailers and their cargo.
Eliminating downtime by keeping your heavy duty vehicles rolling is the goal of a regularly performed maintenance approach, including the regular replacement of worn heavy duty shock absorbers.
Monroe says its Magnum Shock Absorbers will:
• Improve safety
• Reduce tyre wear
• Reduce battery cracking
• Prevent cab mount failure
• Reduce damage to radiator connections
• Increase the lifetime of vehicle lamps
• Enhance braking effectiveness
• Extend the life span of driveline components
• Reduce shifting cargo drive
• Reduce driver fatigue
• Enhance driver comfort
• Improve fuel consumption
Monroe Magnum ride performance product advantages include ease of fitment with single bonded bushings that ensure very high durability, along with a high temperature resistant sealing system and hydraulic fluid. The Monroe Magnum specially formulated semi-synthetic fluid improves damping behaviour through more consistent damping over a wide temperature range.
It says more consistent heavy duty vehicle damping is also achieved with the Monroe Magnum anti-wear coated piston ring, providing high levels of wear resistance. Forces on chassis components are kept to a minimum with the Monroe Magnum double action valving system during bump and rebound actions. This assists greatly to achieve safer commercial vehicle handling performances.
The Monroe Magnum heavy duty range covers the key sectors of truck suspension requirements including cabin dampers, seat dampers and axle shock systems. This heavy duty shock absorber range also provides world class leading quality through durable suspension performance, followed up by Australian sales support that is second to none in the market.

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