Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense Replacement Shocks are now available in Australia and New Zealand

Monroe has released a range of premium replacement electronic shock absorbers, branding the line Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense.
Twelve new part numbers are now available, designed for direct-fit replacement of original equipment shocks on vehicles featuring electronic suspension technology.
Part of the Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio of advanced suspension solutions designed for the original equipment market, Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense replacement shock absorbers are fully compatible with Tenneco-manufactured OE electronic suspension systems found in popular passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.
Monroe says each unit is engineered to continuously adapt its compression and rebound forces to changing driving conditions to deliver optimal handling precision, control and NVH reduction.
“Global OEMs are increasingly integrating electronic damping technology into their vehicles to deliver a superior driving experience, and aftermarket demand for compatible replacement products is growing,” DRiV Sales Director ANZ Aftermarket, Gavin Pelling, said.
“Monroe has continuously expanded its range of advanced suspension solutions to leverage this growth opportunity. Our RideSense replacement electronic shock absorbers utilise advanced valving and other leading-edge technologies to ensure continued normal operation and proper ride height once a vehicle’s original shocks become too worn.”

Each Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense damper connects to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that manages sensor inputs like wheel acceleration, body displacement and steering angle.
Using gathered data to react to changing road and driving situations in as little as 10 milliseconds, Monroe says Intelligence Suspension RideSense is the fastest electronic shock absorber on the market.
The shocks are said to provide optimal comfort and vehicle control, by improving wheel-to-road contact, reducing oscillations during obstacle avoidance, improving control during lane changes and a host of other benefits in vehicles fitted with electronic suspension systems.
Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense shocks are engineered to meet each vehicle’s specific OE ride and handling profile and come with a five-year product quality and performance limited warranty.

For more information, please call Monroe’s Customer Service Team on 1800 088 205 or visit