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Every vehicle repairer has experience with explaining about warranties – it is an important part of the customer service process.
This is especially true when you consider the growing impact that reviews and ratings can have on your business.
A longer warranty gives both the repairer and the customer peace-of-mind and can be the deciding factor when choosing between similarly priced alternatives.
Adrad says it has earned a reputation for having an extremely well-supported and comprehensive national warranty system.
It explains this covers all the parts it manufactures and distributes and is a foundation component of Adrad’s ISO9001:2015 quality accreditation.

Koyoair Condensers
Adrad says high quality Koyoair condensers are well-known to air conditioning specialists and automotive repairers.
Adrad introduced Koyoair condensers back in 2010 and has a long-established relationship with the brand.
This year Adrad has introduced an exclusive two-year warranty on Koyoair condensers and encourages repairers to use this extra warranty cover to benefit their customers.

AC Compressor Kits
Over the last couple of years, Adrad says its AC Compressor Kits have been a huge success.
It says the convenience of having all essential replacement AC parts packaged together in a range that covers more than 1,400 vehicle applications is something that air conditioning repairers have really embraced.
As well as saving time and money when ordering, Adrad says these kits include the benefit of a “huge” three-year national warranty.
Adrad says that again, it is a benefit that can be passed on to the vehicle owner by the repairer and used as a valuable tool to boost trade without compromising on price.

New Sanden Compressors
Adrad continues to grow and expand its AC parts on offer.
The latest additions to its range of compressors includes a range from Sanden that Adrad says are ideal for truck, heavy vehicle, agricultural and industrial vehicle applications.
Adrad says Sanden compressors are yet another of the high-quality products distributed by Adrad and supported nationwide.

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