DENSO invites you to tap into the expertise and knowledge of its Diesel Network

The explosive growth of diesel-powered passenger and commercial vehicles in the Australian market, coupled with a combination of compromised fuel, has seen a spike in the number of diesel-powered vehicles turning up at service centres.  
Such repairs can be expensive, usually involving the replacement of the fuel pump, common rail, injectors, associated fuel lines and cleaning of the tank.
Previously, nearly all of these items had to be replaced with new components, resulting in expensive repair bills.
DENSO Australia says it has introduced a remanufacturing program to offer a more viable repair option; supported by its extensive service repair network.   
Introduced over 30 years ago, this specialist network boasts more than 100 workshop members in the Australia/Oceania region. 
These certified repairers are factory trained and fully equipped with the latest tools to diagnose and repair diesel vehicles and use only genuine parts. 
The repair process for high-tech injectors has to be stringently controlled, so these certified repairers must carry out and conform to stringent worldwide emission tests.
Additionally, all DENSO injectors are calibration coded to ensure optimum engine performance is achieved after the repair.  
Before your next diesel service, DENSO says you should ask:
• Is your fuel injection system repaired with genuine DENSO parts? 
• Is your injector calibration coded? 
• Will it be installed by a DENSO certified repairer? 
To learn more about DENSO’s remanufactured injectors, injector coding and fuel pumps, visit DENSO Australia’s YouTube channel.

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